Shaq Is One Vindictive Baby

I suppose this is where I’m supposed to laugh along with everybody else at how funny Shaq’s rap video making fun of Kobe was. Or I can settle for seeing through Shaq whose four rings and $20+ million salary per season isn’t enough. Instead, he has to celebrate over the failure of others to feel good about himself. I can’t believe this guy. By now you’ve probably heard about his rap video that blames Kobe for ruining Shaq’s marriage, and that Kobe couldn’t win without Shaq. Here it is so you can enjoy Shaq’s amazing rap skills. I think he’s actually able to recite lyrics without looking down at his paper by the second verse.

Don’t get me wrong and confuse this for me taking Kobe’s side, it’s just that in the race for being the most disgusting Laker from their recent title teams, Shaq’s head is getting closer to Kobe’s ass, that’s for sure. Shaq, I thought you were better than that, I really did. Lets just hope he’s not a future NBA commentator. Can we really expect him to give an emerging big man his due if this his ego is this big?

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  • SpinMax

    Somehow Kobe will come out of this as the bad guy again. Shaq is the guy who has been nasty and
    backstabbing to Kobe, his coaches, opponents, organizations etc.

  • d

    The worse thing about this “Rap” is that he says Kobe couldn’t do it with out him. Shaq needed a Kobe like counterpart in the Form of Dewayne Wade. it is said as hell to see someone who was once the toast of the League fall so far. I’m glad Michael Jordan never Rapped about Scottie and the Buls not winning while he was trying to play Baseball. Shaq needs to grow up terribly.

  • dan

    Its great I love it. Go Shaq. Expose that fraud that is Kobe. WHo is Kobe gonna squeal on next? I mean Kobe won do nothing unless its throwing teammates under the bus. When he was in trouble in CO he did that to Shaq also. Man take off your Kobe colored glasses

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  • Nick

    Spinmax you are right about “Somehow Kobe will come out of this as the bad guy again.” Just read Dan’s post. Dude so bitter I think it was his wife that Kobe had sex with.

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