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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tim Duncan’s new girlfriend Vanessa Macias has him dressing sharper?

Tim Duncan girlfriend Vanessa Macias

Timmy Duncan is the same old steady, fundamentally-sound productive machine for the San Antonio Spurs on the court despite being 38 years old. Off the court, though, his game has undergone noticeable changes.

Duncan filed for divorce from his wife, Amy, last year around March. The story didn’t become public until May, and we learned in a report that Duncan was worried about his wife cheating on him and even hired a private investigator to tail her.
Tim Duncan girlfriend Vanessa Macias
The sad part about the story is that the two have two children together. The good part is that Tim has rebounded just fine. Actually, better than fine; Timmy is killing it.

Posts started popping up late last year saying that Duncan was dating Vanessa Macias (seen at top and at right), a former contestant on CBS’ “The Amazing Race.” This gossip item has since been confirmed, and Macias has not exactly been hiding the relationship. She’s currently in Portland cheering on the Spurs in their series with the Blazers. And she’s also slipped in some gems over Twitter, such as this:

So what are we getting at here? Our friend Nate Jones made a funny observation over Twitter Monday and noted that Timmy has totally changed up his wardrobe. See, Duncan used to wear loose-fitting, totally ’90s-style clothing as recently as last year:

By comparison, when Timmy D. arrived at the Rose Garden Moda Center for Monday’s game, he was wearing fitted clothing and looking very sharp:

Totally different. So when Jones asked what accounted for the change in Duncan’s clothing and grooming patterns, most people suggested it was the lovely Vanessa Macias. They’re probably right, too. If you had a young girl like that to impress, wouldn’t keep it fresh and clean?

Below are more pictures of Macias:

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