Vanessa Bryant reportedly ‘furious’ over Kobe Bryant partying, shirtless pictures

It may have been a coincidence of timing that got Kobe Bryant in trouble during Team USA’s visit to Barcelona, but the situation has reportedly angered his wife regardless. Last week, Team USA was at a social event in Spain and some photos surfaced that show Bryant in a couple of sticky situations. According to TMZ, the photo you see above was taken at an after party shortly after someone spilled their entire drink on Kobe. He was only briefly shirtless while someone when to get him a new shirt.

However, that was not the only picture that reportedly has Vanessa Bryant “furious” and “embarrassed.” Another picture showed Kobe sitting at a table chatting it up with two ladies in a nightclub. There was an explanation for that one also, as a source told TMZ the ladies had sat down and asked for an autograph and Kobe signed it before leaving to join his friends at another table.

Vanessa flew to London over the weekend with her and Kobe’s two daughters to watch him play in the Olympics. She says things have been going well for the couple since they began reconciling their marriage and that they will get over this hurdle as well. According to TMZ, she is not angry because she thought Kobe was cheating but rather that he put himself in a situation where photos like these ones could be plastered all over the internet. Next time someone spills a drink on him, Kobe should probably just go change himself instead of having someone bring him a shirt.

H/T The Hollywood Gossip

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  • SpinMax

    Why do these peeps get married

  • murlut

    He couldn’t keep his pants on married and you think he can now?  Look Vanessa, you filed for divorce, just do it.   You will be much happier away from the cheater.  Face it, his basketball days are about over, take the money and RUN.  I am sure you will be much better at managing the money than him

  • ante ashley


  • joer1

    Who gives a crap about Vannesa, Kobe, or Matt Barnes?   Not I.

  • lucianboy

    i don’t know how  a material minded idiot like you get to comment on issues like that. you sound so much like a fool.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L6TNFC64YPDYOVNBXELVI6F3JQ Dick Nuggets

    Why is a black guy cheating on his lady even news?  It’s just a given it’s gonna’ happen.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P5DLMZPAD34HSTLC3NG5SVH3MM Pamela

    I love Kobe all the way and I understand her frustration…but this time he was not doing anything so she has to let up!!!!!!!!!  TEAM  KOBE LETS GET IT…….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FTE5JOOHKLHO7MHC4B6DGA6XZA Laura Peterson

    does anyone here remember the real lakers? kareem magic worthy cooper ac   jamal wilkes??  shame on you kobe. in a very few years u will be a hasbeen? what do u leave behind except some bad memories and a lot of points made.

  • YaMoms1

     more like why is a man cheating on his lady even news? black, white, doesn’t really matter.. unfortunately all races cheat…

  • headman2

    Everyone should take the salient advice of this^^^ Rhodes Scholar. Ante Ashley is going to make some exceptional, upstanding man very happy one day.

  • http://twitter.com/YawningGlory Thomas

     For one, a virtually guaranteed spot in the NBA Hall of Fame.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000289450278 Sofia Csiffaryova

    Kobe isnt rapist I know it.. I dont believe what fuckin mazazines write… it is taken out of context.  These bitches around Kobe .That they could get him into bed. 
    Im not bigg fan of Kobe but I know what its true.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rico-Alexander/1238539776 Rico Alexander

    Why is a racist asshole posting here.  Just trolling I guess.

  • truthllc

    WoW, Kobe didn’t get enough of the situation with the poor white trash he screwed the night befor his surgery.  GIve a black man millions of dollars and rest assure he wan’t desire his own race. You don’t even respect your black mothers. There are too many gracious strong black woman that you ignorant black men act like you can” t desire. The white man don’t care that you marry their woman their glad you keep circulating the money into their race not the black race. Back in the day the white people would kill you for looking at their woman now in this day in time you want to marry their woman. How ignorant  all I have to sAY is they did a job on our people. Their is enough black people with millions of dollars that our race shouldn’t be so far behIND> However, black people don’t own anything and don’t think to generate long money so our next generation of people can

  • JK_49erz_VB

    She can’t be too pissed. I mean, the 1 on the left, ok, but for being KOBE BRYANT, the 1 on the right… for me personally, I’d take a woman with some meat on her bones than a skeleton…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GFTRAGNIOOBNZUZPL5WAGAL2PU Dr. J

     Get a grip hater!  You sound like a money grabber!

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.maurice1 Steve Maurice

    Kobe Bryant is another O.J.  and Mike T His true Colors are starting to shine.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.maurice1 Steve Maurice

    Hey miss Bryant if you look close your husband is getting the number of the chick, get reid of that loser. Ask to see his cel phone, fat chance of that happening.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1473936383 Steven Quintero

    So sick of bandwagon fans talking about the 80’s. Look, I am/was a fan of the showtime Lakers as well, but leave it in the 80’s. How is Kobe not a real Laker? You didn’t say those exact words, but that is what you are saying. Love or hate Kobe for what he has done on the court, not off it. Get over it!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5I776NPUSGKVD3Y2QASOLYH6KI Kid C

    Why did he tie the knot? Derek Jeter it!

  • bloozemagoo

     da rapist is a role model??

  • kobe248248ja

    WOW… blahh blah blahh. black women.. blahhh. blahh.. moneyy… blahhh. i want to suck kobes dick im so jealous of his wife…… thats what everyone else read too right?

  • stallender2

    he`s a reported cheat already , once a cheat always a cheat. yes i is good baskletball player , but he`s just like tiger woods in my eyes rich and nothing can touch him. i make less than min wage at my job , and look at just making my morgage each month, these ppl spend that in 1 week. on women they want?” man i worrie from month to month, yes ppl probibly talk to her (vanessa), and so they shoild she can take half the money and run, but i like the fact she wants to forgive him thats a real person. thats all gl

  • doud69


  • stallender2

    give it 200 years there will be no black there will be mo mexican brown there will only be white when we can close our borders, and let it breed, in this part of our earth thjey all will end up white.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=536154573 Demetrius Curry

     Hell the way it’s going there would be no more White men since your women are getting with us Brothers…

  • Kim Preston

    Most of the hypocrits posting here cheat, have cheated or will cheat……Quit the BS and just say you hate the man because he is an outstanding player destined for the hall of fame and rich as hell. Kobe do your thing and screw all the haters…..If the wife wants to roll let her, they are a dime a dozen. To all the NBA players that marry these throphy wives, get a clue. If you were a broke azz, rolling a bucket they would not give u the time of day. They are there for the cash and most of you keep giving it to these golddiggers….wake up.

  • MyGJg

    She’s the idiot, yet apparently you’re incapable of formulating a proper sentence, hmm and the fool is who? lol.

  • Charles Chatman

    Oh no? Then why are you commenting about them?

  • Chyna Cash

    Morals clauses. Most NBA players have to sign one, which is why most of them are married.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000868721227 Myheartbelongs Tomichaeljackso

    What a freakin gold digger she is!! I read the heading & that is the first thing I thought. Unbelievable!! If I was Kobe I’d sign the divorce papers & get on with my life!

  • acnalla

    Lady, i would have agreed with you had you took the time to proof read your comment. You sound just as unschooled as the dumb, low class black guys your whining about. You black girls bitch about the men wanting other races, but yet you pass a white guy up because his “dick” aint big enough for you. If you all would start marring into the white race, we might finally end up thinning out your inferior men with one’s who are educated and articulate. Men that can do more than play sports, pimp der bitches, sell drugs on the corner and best yet, shoot other men of their own race. You actually want one of these monkey men? So many beautiful black women who have low self esteem because they want the wrong race of males. Ste the good life babe and get yo’self a white or asian guy who will bring you out of the Ghetto

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  • ImaMsFit

    Most men like sex. Male pro athletes travel a lot and have sex thrown at them all the time.  A few guys will say no thanks but the ones that read their press releases have gotten used to the easy offerings.  Kobi is no exception and has probably been bouncing his way around the country for years.  The only difference between him and the guys of the 80’s is that the mass media and the paparatzi are much more at the ready now.  Plus everyone with a cellphone has a ready device to record any event.  If you expect Kobi to quit messing around Vanessa, you are living in fantasy land.  The only thing that might improve is his ability to not get caught.  I wouldn’t count on that either, dreamer.

  • Chick Kennedy

    @truthllc God do not like ugly. Karma do exist so be ready! WOW, you took the time to write a book however you did not take the time to check the grammer. I would be more worried about taking a class than to worry about ON RACE which is the single most racist thing I have read in some time. People like yourself hurt all of the folks have fought very hard to change!

  • joer1

    Charles,  Please read carefully.  Mine is NOT a comment about any of these people.  I simply wondered why would anyone care about these people.  I stated that I don’t.  I am a BASKETBALL COACH and I like to watch Kobe play sometimes but, I care nothing about his private life and I am not interested in Vannesa or Matt Barnes.

  • ask4carl

    Another ding-a-ling with Internet access…

  • akathemajor

    As an educated, strong black man, I have to say your comments reflect the views of so many low class, bitter black women. You know you’re racist when you have to say “I’m not a racist” midway through your ignorant rant. Women like you are stuck in the ways of our ancestors as if it’s not 2012. Black men don’t go out looking specifically for white/asian/latino women because we hate females from our own race. I’m sure if Kobe met an attractive black women that treated him well, he would choose to be with her. The reality is there are a lot of amazing black women, but at the same time, there are so many like yourself that completely turn us off and reinforce stereotypes of the angry, BITTER black woman. Maybe you should take a step back, look in the mirror and figure out what is about yourself that doesn’t attract the right men. I don’t know any successful, good looking guy that wouldn’t want to bite the bullet and marry such an understanding, sweet woman like you. Your rant made every black female look just as ignorant as yourself and you’ve most likely swayed even more black men to look into other races. Furthermore, to say “God do not like ugly. Karma do exist so be ready!” (written like a true college scholar btw) is completely ridiculous. To my knowledge, God created us all as equals, so what karma is coming Kobe’s way? If you’re so religious, don’t you believe everything happens through God’s will? If we were meant to remain segregated, he would’ve never empowered civil rights activists to fight for the ability to be seen as equals and have freedoms that allow us marry whomever we choose. You’ve obviously been treated badly by multiple black men in your life and for that I’m sorry, but your close-minded feelings towards the world need to change or you can look forward to a lifetime of misery.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DBGUYRP35ULDG65MK7PASPNXWE Jassy


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DBGUYRP35ULDG65MK7PASPNXWE Jassy

    true indeed

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DBGUYRP35ULDG65MK7PASPNXWE Jassy

    do yourself a favor and proof read your comment as well.  I date a white man because he treats me well, not for what he can provide. I make more than he does  SO do yourself a favor and find the spell check button and hit it… smh