Video: Derek Fisher Checks Luis Scola with Elbow, Should be Suspended

The way Laker fans were acting following Fisher’s stinker in Game 1, they might actually be happy if Derek Fisher were to be suspended for Game 3 against the Rockets. Luis Scola seemed to be in the middle of every tussle in the second half of Game 2 Wednesday night against the Lakers, getting into it with Lamar Odom late in the third quarter. So when Scola went to set a screen on Derek Fisher, he got leveled. Check out this hockey-style check by Fish that resulted in a flagrant 2 ejection:

Fisher’s intention to make contact and hurt Scola, while leading with his elbow, makes me say this is suspension worthy. It will be up to the league so who knows what they’ll do (Scola’s flop-job won’t help Fisher, either). Maybe this is just the sort of thing that will make the Laker fans happy — not that they want 17 minutes of Farmar jacking up threes instead.

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  • Anders(on) Varejao

    As a Laker fan nothing made me happier than this play, if people are gonna call the Lakers soft it time to finally push back.

    Should Derek Fisher be suspended? Probably, but using the precident set by Rondo’s antics in Round 1 and K-Mart’s shove of Nowitzki in Game 1, he should probably just get a fine.

    Either way it doesn’t matter, the Lakers can survive without Fisher for 1 game, and it was a foul to make a broader point that they can play physical with anyone.

    Love it.

  • EasyMoney

    WTH? Luis could have been seriously hurt or even killed on this play. The Lakers cant beat the Rockets so they resort to dirty tricks!

  • Jerry Cortes

    Killed??? Quit exagerrating! Scola is a hack and now he can be labeled a Vlade Divac wannabe with that flop! Lake Show in six baby! Landry? Brooks? Head Case Artest?? Get a real team!

  • R2 in Houston

    The Lakers may not miss Fish for one game but it is time to sit Kobe out.
    He gets away with too many elbows.
    Besides $$$ why does the League put up with his rogue behavior?
    He has talent just no sportsmanship!

  • Jerry Cortes

    “Rogue Behavior”? You’re talking about Artest right? Surprised he didn’t try to go up into the Staples seats last night! To his credit he only slapped away someone’s arm……. Must be a sign of maturity…

  • zak

    R2 you are obviously a laker and kobe hater, this is playoff basketball and if you think you can dish it out without receiving one in the chops once in a while than you should stay home wearing a diaper sucking on a pacifier.

  • SpinMax

    He should have elbowed him in the throat, apparently that’s ok to do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1372763240 Brandon Wong

    Wow. Luis Scola is a baby. He gets by a guy half his size and then he’s on the floor bawling his eyes out. I have no respect for that flopping baby.