CJ Ross scored Mayweather-Alvarez a draw, also had Bradley over Pacquiao

CJ Ross boxing judgeBoxing judge CJ Ross is responsible for two of the most embarrassing, unjustifiable boxing scores of our time.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. thoroughly dominated Canelo Alvarez on Saturday in Las Vegas and won by majority decision. Floyd won the fight easily, but didn’t receive a unanimous decision. Why? Because Ross scored it 114-114. Yes, Ross scored it 6 rounds to 6. A draw. She thought Mayweather and Alvarez had an even fight, even though Floyd landed about 115 more punches and was hardly touched.

Ross also scored the Timothy Bradley-Manny Pacquiao fight 115-113 (7 rounds to 5) in favor of Bradley to help him win a split decision last year.

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Boxrec.com has a history of Ross’ controversial decisions. This is the sixth time since 2011 that she has scored a fight controversially, meaning she either scored it drastically differently from the other two judges, or gave more points to someone most felt did not deserve it.

Judge Dave Moretti scored the fight 116-112 for Mayweather Jr., while Craig Metcalfe had it 117-111.

Below is a look at all three judges’ scorecards for the Mayweather-Alvarez fight. Ross’ is on the right and blown up below:

Floyd Mayweather Canelo Alvarez judge scorecard

CJ Ross boxing judge Mayweather Alvarez scorecard

Floyd looked invincible in the fight and I’m not sure what Moretti was watching, either. I had it as a shutout for Floyd. That was one of his best performances in years.

“I thought it was a joke,” Mayweather told ESPN when asked about Ross’ decision to score the fight a draw. “I was kind of shocked, but I’m not the judge. My job is to go out there and fight.”

Mayweather landed 93 of 175 power punches (53.1%) while Alvarez landed 73 of 232 (31.4%). Final punch stats also show Mayweather landed 232 of 505 (45.9%) compared to 117 of 526 (22.2%) for Canelo.

Scorecard via Luke Thomas

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    Had the fight 119 – 109; could you give Alvarez a couple of more for 117-111 sure; 116 – 112 is a slight reach. 114 -114 is abject incompetence. CJ Ross gets the Eugenia Williams title 9 award for female that doesn’t have a clue what they are watching.

  • KNG of the WCKER PPL

    how does she score Mayweather having more points in rounds 8, 9 and 11 to Alvarez?

  • Sienna Mancini

    does she need glasses? get rid of her ass!

  • Sienna Mancini

    I referenced this earlier…the blind man with the gun license in Iowa could’ve scored this fairer than CJ..time to reevaluate how we score matches

  • maherdabum

    I had it 118-113
    7 rounds for Mayweather, 2 for Canelo and 3 Even Rounds. This broad has lost her mind with her score keeping.

  • Tim Nguyen

    Crooked ref, how can they let her be the judge at all these major fights, use different judges

  • 2PAC-MakaveliTheDon

    Did C.J Ross take a bathroom break? HOW IN THE WORLD WAS THAT A DRAW? Ross needs those eyes checked forreal. That was a joke, total rubbish, beyond stupidity. Good win for Money May! Hopefully Canelo learns from this.

  • faze

    In my opinion, C. J. Ross is corrupt. I can’t prove that, but other than sheer incompetence, there can be no other reason, Personally, I think she should be investigated by the authorities. Her scoring will lose an already dying sport even more fans. She’s a mockery.

  • Denzel Boksingero

    CJ Ross was hired to judge the Floyd-Canelo fight because the Nevada athletic commission thought this judge scored it right in giving Bradley the win over Pacquiao. I’m no fan of Floyd but this judge made an horrendous mistake

  • RockDad Rice

    How does this c**t get this job of scoring a major fight! She must be a stooge for gamblers …

  • QuoVadimus

    Boxing is not “an already dying sport”. Only someone that does not follow Boxing, or who mistakenly believes that Boxing = Heavyweight Division could possibly say that.

    Yet because of ESPN’s ignorance on shows like 1st Take and PTI, you have people thinking Boxing is dead or dying when it’s not. There’s lots of amazing fights being made throughout all the divisions, people need to just pay attention, I think.

  • 2PAC-MakaveliTheDon

    C.J Ross is hilarious. Complete joke

  • Tom Probst

    CJ Ross is absolutely Ridiculous!!!! This is 2 major fights she has screwed up!!! Enough is enough!!! She needs to go away as the mobsters who pay her would say. CJ Ross: you are a complete disgrace to the sport of boxing!!!! I am disgusted with you as are many others.

  • Niggless Cage

    Really? Boxing might be fixed? The fact that Judges are not current or ex-boxers, are not current or ex-boxing referees tells the entire story.The judges are picked by promoters. Duh. What qualifications do these judges have? Are any of them on the payroll of casinos, promoters or internet gambling? Of course they are! Boxing will continue to be WWE with gloves until the organization gets legit judges. However, Mayweather is the real deal. Simple.

  • Joel

    Jews taking over Banks and now Boxing judging…

  • ftw23

    Why is this lady still allowed to have a job. She’s a failure at judging fights. Boxing needs to fix nonsense like this.

  • Motoflou

    At least she’s got her looks going for her.

  • Jinzzy

    The Casinos paid her to do that, a lot of people placed bets Floyd win unanimously and doing that she lost a lot of people money

  • Fiasco Andretti

    she needs to be outlawed from judging, that is inept

  • Art Vandelay

    This is why women can’t judge men’s sports

  • slowbro

    Boxing is a dying sport because no one watches it. Yes there are still good fights but most people do not care.

  • bill

    funny thing is that as bad as she sucks!!!! she will probably be a judge at the Marquez vs Bradley fight!!!SMFH

  • Fabricio Alves

    She’s on drugs!

  • QuoVadimus

    While it’s clear that most fights aren’t making the attendance numbers that the Mayweather/Canelo fight did, that doesn’t mean the sports is dying/dead.

    It is a problem that more people aren’t getting more involved in following the sport and watching it, there are a few problems that contribute to that.

    First and foremost there’s the prevailing attitude (a wrong attitude, IMO) by many in the media — many of which don’t watch Boxing beyond the big event fights — that Boxing is dead or dying. Wilbon & Kornheiser are two examples of that. Two people that probably have never watched a fight over the past 5 years that didn’t involve Floyd Mayweather, are the ones telling all their viewers “boxing is dead or dying”.

    First Take is literally saying “is this the fight that’s gonna save boxing?”. For a sport constantly needing saving (every big ticket fight over the past several years has been “the fight that will save boxing”) the sport seems to be doing just fine with a lot of solid matchups and great fights.

    And secondly, we have problems like CJ Ross’ ridiculous scorecards, or promotion companies like Top Rank and GoldenBoy who are refusing to match up their fighters against each other unless they somehow screw the other one in the process.

    So the sport has it’s flaws, as does all sports, but the sport of Boxing is not dead or dying. It’s just fine. It could use more promoting in the media, some more free TV fights to get up the interest, etc, but all this “Boxing is dead” nonsense needs to stop.

    Because it makes no sense.

  • beastmode355

    she belongs in the kitchen….and i still wouldnt trust her there

  • Nmog

    Moretti agreed with her on both those rounds.

  • sickofthepolitics

    How is life going for you with the little brain you were given?

  • LagtOpp

    Mayweather won 120 – 108
    That F… lady had to be a racist!

  • SEBA

    For the sake of Boxing, “GET RID OF HER!” She will destroy the sort single handily and it will eventually result in million of dollars loss due to fan turn off!

  • SEBA

    sport of boxing