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Monday, May 21, 2018

Floyd Mayweather all smiles at weigh-in for Canelo Alvarez fight (Video)

Floyd Mayweather smile

Floyd Mayweather Jr. had the smile of a man who knows he’s making $41 million this weekend. “Money” was just hamming it up for the cameras during Friday’s weigh-in prior to his fight with Canelo Alvarez. He wore the expression of a relaxed, confident man. Heck, he was chewing gum throughout the weigh-in and even got Canelo to crack a smile during their staredown because he was smiling so much.

Floyd Mayweather Canelo Alvarez smile weigh in

Floyd Mayweather Canelo Alvarez

Floyd has mean mugged at his staredowns plenty of times in the past, but things seem to be different this time. He just doesn’t have any sort of animosity towards Canelo. Is that because Alvarez is a nice guy, because he doesn’t view Alvarez as a threat, or both? It says a lot to me that Mayweather has been so laid back leading up to the fight. Maybe he is underestimating Canelo as a fighter.

Floyd Mayweather smiling

All the smiles and friendly attitude at the weigh-in are consistent with Mayweather’s behavior the past few months. Money even admitted that he hasn’t talked any trash leading up to the fight, and he said that’s mostly because Alvarez doesn’t speak English.

Maybe Mayweather was co confident and relaxed at the weigh-in because he knew he’d weigh in below their limit of 152 pounds. Mayweather weighed in at 150.5 pounds, while Alvarez weighed 152 pounds. You can watch a sketchy video of the weigh-in below:

Another strange moment was when Mayweather wanted Alvarez to hold the WBC gold belt with him for a picture, but Canelo refused:

Floyd Mayweather Canelo Alvarez belt

Maybe he believes he shouldn’t touch the belt until he’s won the fight.

Photo: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

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