Manny Pacquiao Photoshopped Pictures Are Funny

I don’t even know where these came from, but they arrived to me in an email. I can’t seem to locate the source, so I’m just figuring it’s someone pretty talented at photoshop with way too much time on their hands (is there even a difference between the two?). My guess is these originated from the Oscar De La Hoya camp to distract Manny from training from their upcoming fight.

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  • iggy

    By all means, the images above are atrocious.

    And the Golden Boy in drag was just vanquished after 8 rounds.

    Overall, your website is great. Thank you!

  • j.
  • bErNiE vEe

    So, who’s the bitch now?

  • Sheri

    thats just mean! take this off your website its ridiculous! whoever made this is a stupid ass.

  • l

    manny won so whos he loser now?

  • Anonymous

    poshel na hui manny pacquiao vy syn suka!! you cheat all the time loser you better be the giant gonspocquiao or something like that chertovski der mo