Muhammad Ali dodging 21 punches in 10 seconds is a fantastic GIF

Muhammad-Ali-dodging-punchesMuhammad Ali is arguably the greatest fighter to ever live. Tell you something you don’t know, right? In 1977, when Ali was nearing the end of his career, he fought 19-year-old Michael Dokes in a three-round exhibition. Ali was 35 at the time, and he made his young opponent look completely foolish.

At first glance, it almost looks like Dokes had Ali backed into a corner and was beating on him. But if you find yourself mesmerized by the GIF like I was and watch it 37 times, you realize Dokes didn’t land a single punch during that attempted assault. In fact, he missed with 21 punches in just 10 seconds.

And of course, Ali gave a little wiggle at the end to embarrass the youngster a bit more. Once again, we are reminded of why Jim Brown wisely abandoned his plan to fight Ali back in the 1960s.

H/T Reddit via Deadspin

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  • Suspector

    the body…..go for the body…. geez…

  • concretejimmy

    Ali wasn’t defending himself. The boy thought he would go for the knock-out. 21 times.

  • Suspector

    yup….the young guys get anxious… the body is there..it doesn’t move like the head….pound the body and the head will fall… sooner or later…;-0

    all that being said.,.. it is an amazing sequence of punches to slip….Ali was a true master at it…

  • Anthony13

    This is nothing. He dodged the draft FOREVER.

  • http://www.11phenomenon.com/ 11phenomenon

    that never worked with Ali. he let guys work the stomach.