Kurt Busch has heated exchange with another reporter, this time ESPN’s Marty Smith

Fresh off his week-long suspension for a separate run-in with a reporter, Kurt Busch was at it again at Michigan International Speedway on Saturday.

Busch had been advised by Sprint Cup team owner James Finch to refrain from speaking to reporters. However, after placing third in Saturday’s Nationwide race at the track, Busch by rule had to make a mandatory press conference appearance. That’s when Busch and ESPN’s Marty Smith had a tense exchange of words. Here’s ESPN.com:

As he waited to be interviewed, an MRN Radio pit reporter said on the live broadcast that Busch left the top-five area without interviewing.

Busch was told of the comment and replied, “That’s what everybody says, don’t they.”

Busch then left the room to cool off. Several reporters, including Smith, with a camera crew, followed. Busch then told Smith to come over with his camera. When Smith got there, Busch said he wasn’t doing interviews there, adding, “You ever hear of sarcasm?”

That led to a brief exchange during which Busch said, “You don’t know how long I’ve been working on this.”

Busch eventually returned to face the media, albeit with a terse attitude. “It was great to drive the car,” he said when asked how it felt to return from suspension. And then: “It was a great finish, all in all. The restart before the final one, I was on the inside and went from third to eighth, and then the restart on the final one, I went from eighth back up to third.”

Busch has a well-documented past of losing his temper. Maybe somebody should teach this guy how to take deep breaths.

Photo: Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

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  • http://twitter.com/WaynesRCworld Fastwayne

    f’n sportwriters trying to spin up a story by annoying Busch. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ralph-Aniba/100002260643541 Ralph Aniba

    Sorry, Marty Smith is not, has never been and couldn’t spell journalist let alone be one. Personally if Kurt could get away with it I would love to see him clean that little Hendrick pervert’s (no offense to Rick H) clock and stuff him in a garbage can with the rest of the maggots.   Leave Kurt alone or face the consequences  !!

  • pphs57

    You are right on Ralph. These alleged journalists think they are going for the Pultizer every time they interview a sports figure. NASCAR is wron here, forcing a participant to meet with these prima donnas, especially right after a race. Let the participants cool down first after running a grueling race. If that takes a day, so be it!  This crap that the public needs to know is b.s.  It’s these same reporters that put sports figures on a pedastool and then try to knock them off when things are not going as they predicted. If it was up to me, I would make the day after a race media day. I’m so tired of hearing all the stupid questions being asked by some repoters at NASCAR events.