Mark Spitz Exacts Revenge on LBS

A few days ago (seems like weeks to me), I presented Mark Spitz’s comments about not being invited to Beijing while Michael Phelps was trying to break his record of 7 gold medals. I called Spitz a bitter man in that post because, let’s face it, he definitely had a bitter tone. But I guess I’ll admit that someone did drop the ball by not inviting him. Either way, the Spitz fan base was none too pleased by my remarks if you couldn’t already tell from the comments, and some of them decided to really let me have it. Apparently it’s ride or die with the Spitz crowd, and since I wasn’t riding with them, my site had to die. That’s right — my server was under a Ddos attack (that doesn’t mean any more to me than it does to you) — but apparently my site was getting inundated with repeated requests that brought the site down. I had to move to a temporary IP address for the meantime just to get back up and running. Looks like the problem has finally been solved (thank God), and now I am back in my element, and hopefully you will be able to continue enjoying what I present here on this space. So sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your continued patronage.

LBS Is On the Juice

Just wanted to give you all a heads up and explain what’s been going on with the site in case you’ve noticed some issues lately. An influx of traffic on Tuesday caused the site to go down quite a few teams, and the server was hovering in and out of commission throughout most of the morning and afternoon. We changed up hosting companies a few months ago, and now we’re in the process of upping the server so it will be able to withstand greater loads of traffic. So for the next day or so, if you try to access the site, sometimes it will be smooth and sometimes it will take longer to load, depending on which server you get connected to, the new one or old one. Either way, things should be much better from here on out.

LBS Improvements

Just in case you had trouble getting on or are noticing the site running slower than usual, it probably has to do with some switches we’re making. We’re in the process of switching website hosting companies from GoDaddy to Blue Host. Hopefully as soon as the switch goes through, LBS will load a lot faster and you won’t ever have problems accessing the site. And, most importantly, we won’t have any issues of getting bombed by Al Qaeda to the point where the site gets shut down for days. Thanks for being patient.

– The LBS Team (me)

LBS Talks Baseball on the Radio

Hopefully you’re checking in on the site to get this in time … at 12:30pm PT/2:30pm CT, I will be a guest with Jon Miller on KXNO in Des Moines. Go here to listen to the interview on the show as we talk all things MLB.

Join the LBS March Madness Pool

Ordinarily I can’t stand March Madness, as you all well know. It’s around this time that I write off around 20 bucks, spread over four or five losing brackets. My picks always suck, and I always finish last. Need I remind you once again why I hate March Madness? Anyway … I have set up the official LBS March Madness Pool on Yahoo! Sports. It’s simple to join: just follow this link to sign up for the league. You’ll need a Yahoo ID to enter your picks. The group ID is 133486, password: bobknightssweater.

And there’s one good thing about joining the LBS Pool over all the other pools: it’s free. Oh yeah, you’re also guaranteed NOT to finish last; that spot is already reserved for me (that picture above is so you know what you’re up against). So sign up to earn ultimate bragging rights!

Al Qaeda’s Tentacles Reach LBS

For those of you who were trying to access the site anywhere between 8:30am PT Monday morning to about 3:50pm PT Tuesday afternoon, you may have noticed that the site was down. Well, your deepest suspicions have been confirmed: the terrorists attacked LBS. Actually, that’s not true. The truth is Bill Belichick’s video staff caught meKobe’s agent got sick of all my Mamba bashing and Brady Quinn got pissed I was macking on his woman and … OK, the truth is … the gracious Jimmy Traina hooked me up on Hot Clicks over at SI Extra Mustard, which always packs a good punch, and sent over enough traffic to upset my web host. I’m on a shared server like many other sites, and was getting so much traffic I was using up too much of the CPU on the server. Within about a half hour of the link going live, my host suspended my account. And once my account got suspended, I felt like Pacman Jones pleading with Goodell for re-instatement. 32 hours later, I was off the most-wanted list, back in the mix, and left eager to attack a bunch of old stories I didn’t get the chance to hit up. Forgive me for rehashing old topics here.

P.S. I have learned a few things within the past 40 hours or so …

First, lots of people are amused by testicle injuries. I can’t imagine why that is the case.

Next, LBS may have outgrown its shared server training wheels, and it may be time to move up to a virtual dedicated server, or even a dedicated server. It is my hope that the masses of the eagerly awaiting universe will never have to go another hour without access to LBS at their fingertips.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience and understanding, and hopefully this will never happen again. That is all.

LBS Moves to Sporting News Radio

I’ve been sitting on this exciting piece of news for a few weeks and alas, it is time to share. After five and a half years of service with the fantastic FOX Sports Radio Network, I am moving over to Sporting News Radio. You can catch me midweek (usually Tue-Thur) doing sports flashes from 4pm PT through the late evening and on the weekends from 3pm PT through the late evening. Since you’re all pretty internet savvy, you can just head over to sportingnews.com and click on the “radio: listen live” icon on the top right corner to check me out. If you have Sirius Satellite radio, we’re on Ch. 123, on XM144, and if you’re in the So. Cal area, you can pick me up on 1090 — Double X Sports Radio (when they don’t have local programming running). Otherwise, check out your local Sporting News affiliate to listen.

I’m pleased to be joining the team at Sporting News where no doubt the brand is on the rise. Just this week it was announced that Dan Shanoff would be writing alongside many prominent bloggers for The Sporting Blog. In light of their recent additions, SPORTSbyBROOKS, Darren Rovell of CNBC, and Michael David Smith at FanHouse have all recognized the re-emergence of Sporting News as a player on the sports media scene. I am excited to be a part of the brand name and maybe we can even make that whole “blogger radio” idea become a reality. Before I move on to the next chapter though, some thanks are in order.

I would like to thank all my colleagues and friends at FSR for making my time there so enjoyable. A big thanks goes out to my bosses Andrew Ashwood and Annie Zidarevich for having faith in me and for giving me the opportunity to start my on-air career at the network level. A big chest bump goes out to all the hosts who shouted out the site and helped it gain some respectability and prominence at a national level — Chris Plank, John Fricke, JT the Brick, Tomm Looney, Jim Rome, Denny Hocking, Andrew Siciliano, Ben Maller, Jorge Sedano, Chris Moore, and Bryan Weeber (gotcha!) — you guys are the best. And huge thanks to everyone on the anchoring, producing, and editing staff who read the site — it was your constant feedback that gave me the motivation to keep posting and I hope you continue to read. Here’s to a new chapter …