Josh Hamilton missed Angels’ celebration because he had chiropractic work done

Josh HamiltonJosh Hamilton did not take part in the Angels’ celebration on Wednesday night after the team clinched the AL West for the first time since 2009.

We said that Hamilton was not around because he wanted to stay away from the alcohol scene. But it turns out Hamilton may have left the clubhouse well before the Angels even clinched a playoff spot.

MLB.com reporter Alden Gonzalez said Thursday that Hamilton left the stadium around game time to have chiropractic work done.

Even though Hamilton has avoided participating in celebrations involving alcohol and said he would do the same this year, his absence on Wednesday night was not specifically due to the alcohol-related celebration.

As for the chiropractic work, Hamilton has been dealing with a shoulder problem that led him to get some cortisone injections.

Ron Washington says he resigned because he cheated on his wife

Ron WashingtonRon Washington stepped down as manager of the Texas Rangers earlier this month, citing an “off-the-field personal matter” as the reason for his resignation. On Thursday, Washington revealed to the media that he cheated on his wife.

“I was not true to my wife, after 42 years,” Washington said, via Hardball Talk. “I made a mistake, and I’m embarrassed — more than I’ve ever been in my life. When you put yourself in situations, you own it.”

Washington went on to apologize to his wife, his players, his coaches, Major League Baseball, the Texas Rangers and anyone else he has “disappointed.”

“All I ask is for your forgiveness and your understanding,” he added. “We’re trying to put it behind us. Today I’m at a very low time in my life.”

A previous report claimed Washington was leaving the Rangers because he was being investigated for an alleged sexual assault. While he did not address any legal matters or answer questions on Thursday, it’s possible that alleged investigation is related to his infidelity.

Washington also tested positive for cocaine in 2009. Rangers general manager Jon Daniels announced that Washington’s resignation had nothing to do with drugs the day the 62-year-old stepped down.

Derek Jeter walks streets of New York in awesome Gatorade commercial (Video)

Derek-Jeter-commercial-kidIf you are getting tired of the Derek Jeter tributes by now, we can’t say we blame you. Watching Jeter tour the country and receive an elaborate gift in every city has gotten old if for no other reason than the fact that Mariano Rivera did the exact same thing a season ago. But Gatorade’s newest commercial featuring the Yankee captain is worth watching.

Molly Carter, Gatorade’s senior director of consumer engagement, spoke with Adweek about the advertisement prior to its release. She said Jeter selected Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” when asked which song best sums up his incredible career. She also said Gatorade roped off a few blocks near Yankee Stadium before a home game in July and simply “let Jeter go.”

Jeter sauntered through the streets of the Bronx acting like he was just another New Yorker. The looks on the faces of the children playing baseball and adults drinking beer in the bar remind viewers that he is anything but. That was some A+ work from the Gatorade marketing team.

Braves fan catches foul ball with his face (GIF)

An Atlanta Braves fan had the best chance he will probably ever have at a foul ball on Wednesday night, and he may end up with nothing but a broken nose to show for it.

The fan had plenty of space to make the play and he tried to get fancy by catching the ball in his hat. It’s a move we have seen people have success with in the past, but this guy wasn’t as lucky. He missed the ball by about a foot and ended up taking it right to the biscuit.


To make matters worse, the ball bounced off the fan’s face and someone else ended up with it. Hopefully they gave it back to him. If you’re going to have a black eye, you might as well keep the souvenir.

GIF via Pete Blackburn

Josh Hamilton was not around for Angels’ alcohol celebration

Josh HamiltonThe Angels on Wednesday clinched the AL West for the first time since 2009, and one of their key players was not around to enjoy most of the celebration.

Josh Hamilton, who has had well-known struggles with alcohol and drug abuse, excused himself before the alcohol started flowing during the team’s celebration.

OC Register Angels reporter Jeff Fletcher sent the following tweet regarding Hamilton:

Hamilton is batting .263/.331/.414 for the Angels this season. He did not play in Wednesday’s 5-0 win over the Mariners because lefty James Paxton was pitching for Seattle, or possibly because his shoulder was bothering him again. The Angels clinched thanks to a combination of their win and the Rangers’ victory over the A’s.

This is nothing new for Hamilton. In 2010, he skipped the Texas Rangers’ celebration upon clinching the AL West. But after the team won their ALDS, they decided to celebrate using ginger ale so Ham could participate.

The Angels used tons of champagne in their celebration on Wednesday. Maybe they’ll make their next celebration Hamilton-friendly. And if you’re questioning why Hamilton can’t be around it, don’t forget that he had a publicized relapse in 2012.

UPDATE: Angels reporter Alden Gonzalez says Hamilton was not around for the celebration because he left around gametime to have some chiropractic work done.

Carlos Beltran’s wife had a miscarriage

Carlos Beltran wife

Carlos Beltran left the Yankees on Wednesday to deal with a personal matter, and the veteran later revealed on Facebook the nature of the matter: his wife had a miscarriage.

Here is a translation of Beltran’s statement:

“The life of me just take the blessing of having my first son ( man ). I know God and I am grateful for all his blessings like my beautiful family, friends, fanatical and my career. Everything is and will be at the time, a perfect God and my wife and i accept this. Thank you for the love and the messages.”

The Beltrans have one daughter, and this was going to be their first son. Yankees manager Joe Girardi said Beltran will have as much time as he needs before returning to the team.

Beltran, 37, is batting .236/.303/.406 in his first season with the Yankees after signing a 3-year contract with them in the offseason. He has been bothered by an elbow issue and plans to have surgery after the season.

Our thoughts are with the Beltran family during this time.

Cubs fan drops wedding ring on field while catching home run ball (Video)

A Chicago Cubs fan nearly turned a souvenir into a major mistake on Tuesday night when he dropped his wedding ring onto the field while snagging a Jorge Soler home run ball.

Michael Haberkorn was ecstatic when he caught Soler’s home run in the 7th inning of Chicago’s 7-0 win over the Cincinnati Reds. He was all smiles while handing out high-fives until he looked down at his left hand and the look on his face turned into one of sheer terror.


Haberkorn realized he was no longer wearing his wedding band. It’s unclear when the ring popped off, but he was fortunate enough that it ended up on the warning track and was relatively easy to spot.


According to Cut 4, security later retrieved the hardware for Haberkorn and he even got to meet Soler.

[Also see: Reds fan catches back-to-back home runs (Video)]

“Congratulations to him, and I guess me too for catching the ball,” Haberkorn said.

Congratulations to Haberkorn because he gets to keep the souvenir. If he lost his wedding ring while catching a homer, his wife probably would have burned the ball.