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Thursday, November 27, 2014

College Basketball

Where’s the Almighty ACC?

Forgive me for being so slow sometimes in computing…but I was just browsing through the NCAA tournament bracket, and I noticed a lack of teams from the MOST PROMINENT BASKETBALL CONFERENCE in America. What happened to all the teams from the ACC? Where’s Duke? Where’s the regular season co-champ Virginia? What about the “hottest team…Read More

Buckeyes Luckeyed Out

Yes, I’ve already told you that I thought Ohio St. totally lucked out in their win over Xavier. All it took was one made free throw by Justin Cage and Ohio St. would’ve gone home (ensuring that no Big Ten teams made it out of the 2nd round). But check out this football move by…Read More

Kevin Durant Regrets Not Playing Harder Against USC

Woa! Slow down their Randy Moss. Listen to what Texas superstar Kevin Durant said after Texas’ loss to USC in the 2nd round of the tournament on Sunday. Mind you, the stud scored 30 points. Click here for the sound. Yes, Kevin Durant said: Like Coach [Barnes] said, it left a sour taste in my mouth…Read More

It’s Not Worth Winning if You Can’t Win Big

I can’t believe that I just quoted a line from Little Giants as the title for a post pertaining to March Madness, but it really explains what I’m thinking. Yesterday I heard a radio interview with former UCLA head coach and current ESPN analyst Steve Lavin. While Lavin is an even nicer guy than he…Read More

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