San Jose High School Cracks Down on Cheerleaders Wearing Short Skirts

The sport (?) of cheerleading can be a topic of debate at any given moment, especially at the sub-collegiate levels.  Dealing with cheerleader uniforms and dance routines can be a difficult task for high school principals to tackle.  Believe me, I graduated from a high school that once had a cheerleading controversy involving the song “Tip Drill” by Nelly that ruffled plenty of feathers.  If you don’t know why, go to YouTube and watch the music video — you’ll understand.

Needless to say, Piedmont Hills High School in San Jose will not be using its cheerleading squad as an advertising ploy any time soon like some of its collegiate counterparts have done.  Principal Traci Williams said on Tuesday that the school needed to start enforcing its dress-code policy in making cheerleaders wear skirts that are lower than mid-thigh while in class.  Apparently some of the varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders were wearing miniskirts that are considered inappropriate classroom attire.

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Three Indiana Linemen Flipped Burning Truck to Save Family, Pregnant Woman

Three linemen from the Forest Park, In. football team are being recognized locally for helping to save a family that was involved in a dangerous crash Saturday. Anthony Fischer, Austin Kempf, and Ethan Knust were walking into a local store when they heard a car crash down the road. They ran out of the store, through a deep ditch, and stomped down a barbed wire fence to reach the car. Turns out it was a truck that had overturned and was beginning to burn.

The young men helped pull the driver, Kyle Rummel, out of the truck, and he reached back to rescue his three-year-old daughter. That’s when he told the boys about his pregnant wife, Erica, who was trapped under the truck. The linemen coordinated an effort with two others to flip over the burning truck and help save the endangered woman. All the passengers were freed and walked away with minor injuries. Erica says the young boys helped saved her and her unborn son.

This news report lets you hear the story straight from the three linemen:

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Arkansas High School Senior Darrick Strzelecki Practices with Snake In Helmet

Anyone who has experience with high school football knows things can get pretty hectic during the summer months.  Between football camps, two-a-day practices, and sweltering heat, it can be tough to keep track of what is going on around you.  Gravette High School Senior Darrick Strzelecki likely understands that now more than he ever has.

When Strzelecki felt a strange feeling in his helmet during practice last week, he chalked it up to a tangled lock of hair or sweat piling up underneath his helmet.  When the team broke for a 15 minute rest, Strzelecki took his helmet off and saw what he initially thought was a rubber snake planted as a prank.  The 10-12 inch snake was not rubber.

“I kept hitting, and it just kept bothering me,” Strzelecki told the Benton County Daily Record via Off the Bench. “It looked like a rubber snake, and I thought somebody had pulled a practical joke on me. When I grabbed it by the tail, that’s when it jerked, and I dropped the helmet.”

Strzelecki said it freaked him out throughout the rest of practice and he felt like there was still something crawling inside his helmet.  That is no mindset to be in on a football field, so that sucks for him.  One thing’s for sure: that kid will probably never put a helmet on again without removing all the padding and making sure nothing is living inside of it.  Who can blame him?

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P. Diddy’s Son Justin Combs Is a Cornerback Recruit

The son of rapper/actor/producer/businessman P. Diddy is an emerging college football recruit. Justin Combs, a 5’9″ 175-pound cornerback from Iona Prep in New York, is gaining interest from colleges after performing well at a recent 7-on-7 tournament.

At first it was UAB, Wyoming, Virginia, and Middle Tennessee State offering him a scholarship, but now several other schools have express interest. Illinois also offered him this week, and UCLA, Arizona State, and Cincinnati are also interested. The best part is Combs is attracting attention because of his play, not his name.

“Ever since I was young my father always told me that people were going to have something to say,” Combs explained to Scout.com. “At the end of the day it is all fun and games to try to get you out of your game, but you just have to stay mentally strong and be able to play through it.

“You just shut them up with your ability on the field. Just play and your game will speak for itself. That is the way I feel.”

This is the second son of a celebrity we covered this week who is gaining notoriety as a high school football recruit. It’s never easy being the son of someone famous because a) expectations are high and b) everyone thinks they didn’t earn their recognition.

Justin seems to have a great attitude about being recognized for his play and not his name. At 5’9″, he’ll face plenty of challenges. Hopefully he either grows or has a great verticle, because covering 6’4″ receivers will be tough.

Kimbo Slice’s Son Kevin Ferguson II Is a High School Football Prospect

Whether or not Kevin Ferguson II can play football matters little to me. All I know is that as soon as I saw how the kid looks — which is to say exactly like his father — I was hooked.

The Orlando Sentinel profiled Ferguson II who is the 16-year-old son of Kimbo Slice, the street fighter turned MMA fighter turned boxer. Ferguson II is going to be a junior running back for Booker T. Washington High School this season. He was a short-yardage running back for Miramar High last year, rushing for 275 yards and six touchdowns on 55 carries.

The football (and facial hair) apparently runs in the family. Kimbo Slice played college football at Miami for a season and a half and even had a tryout with the Dolphins. As for Kevin II, he’s 6’1″ and 195 pounds and waiting for scholarship offers. He also has a 3.2 GPA which should make it easy to qualify for any school academically.

If any school wants to boost ticket sales, recruiting Ferguson II seems like a no-brainer given the popularity of his father.

Check out this video to see and hear Kevin II on camera:

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Luke Grizzell is a One-Handed Hockey Star at Woodland Park in Colorado

Think about the most frustrated you have ever been when playing a sport. Maybe you’re a basketball player and you know what it feels like to have an 0-for-10 shooting night and contribute nothing to the team.  Maybe you’re a baseball player who has been in a 10-game slump that makes you feel like you couldn’t hit a beach ball.  Perhaps you are a running back who knows the feeling of an offensive line that can’t pick up a block.  All of the aforementioned scenarios combined probably would not be as frustrating as trying to play hockey with one hand.

Think about it for a second: how is holding a hockey stick and shooting a puck even possible without two hands?  If you want to know the answer, ask Woodland Park’s (Colorado) Luke Grizzell, who excels on the ice at his high school despite not having a left hand.

“It’s not a big deal to me,” the 16-year old told the Denver Post. “I guess I’m pretty determined to do what I want and prove other people wrong.”

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Video Shows Father Andre Muller Started Fight that Got Son Isayah Killed

Remember the story of Isayah Muller, the star running back from Truman High School in The Bronx? Muller was fatally stabbed during a fight a few hours after his graduation. The fight was with a few parking attendants who Muller’s father, Andre Muller, believed had stolen a $200 bottle of cologne that was a graduation present. The attendants hadn’t been charged with murder which angered many people. Police had said they were acting in self defense. Now we all know that was the case.

My FOX New York obtained the security footage of the fight and you can clearly see that Andre Muller is the aggressor and largely responsible for his son’s death. Here is the video:

Wow, it probably will be a difficult time for Andre Muller sitting in jail knowing he’s responsible for his son’s death. Did we also mention that he “did two lengthy stretches in prison: one from 1992 to 1997 for armed robbery and another from 2000 to 2006 for selling heroin to an undercover cop,” according to Fox 5? He is one shady dude.

Seriously, who goes to war like that over a $200 bottle of cologne? Better yet, who pays $200 for a bottle of cologne?