Kimbo Slice’s Son Kevin Ferguson II Is a High School Football Prospect

Whether or not Kevin Ferguson II can play football matters little to me. All I know is that as soon as I saw how the kid looks — which is to say exactly like his father — I was hooked.

The Orlando Sentinel profiled Ferguson II who is the 16-year-old son of Kimbo Slice, the street fighter turned MMA fighter turned boxer. Ferguson II is going to be a junior running back for Booker T. Washington High School this season. He was a short-yardage running back for Miramar High last year, rushing for 275 yards and six touchdowns on 55 carries.

The football (and facial hair) apparently runs in the family. Kimbo Slice played college football at Miami for a season and a half and even had a tryout with the Dolphins. As for Kevin II, he’s 6’1″ and 195 pounds and waiting for scholarship offers. He also has a 3.2 GPA which should make it easy to qualify for any school academically.

If any school wants to boost ticket sales, recruiting Ferguson II seems like a no-brainer given the popularity of his father.

Check out this video to see and hear Kevin II on camera:

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Luke Grizzell is a One-Handed Hockey Star at Woodland Park in Colorado

Think about the most frustrated you have ever been when playing a sport. Maybe you’re a basketball player and you know what it feels like to have an 0-for-10 shooting night and contribute nothing to the team.  Maybe you’re a baseball player who has been in a 10-game slump that makes you feel like you couldn’t hit a beach ball.  Perhaps you are a running back who knows the feeling of an offensive line that can’t pick up a block.  All of the aforementioned scenarios combined probably would not be as frustrating as trying to play hockey with one hand.

Think about it for a second: how is holding a hockey stick and shooting a puck even possible without two hands?  If you want to know the answer, ask Woodland Park’s (Colorado) Luke Grizzell, who excels on the ice at his high school despite not having a left hand.

“It’s not a big deal to me,” the 16-year old told the Denver Post. “I guess I’m pretty determined to do what I want and prove other people wrong.”

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Video Shows Father Andre Muller Started Fight that Got Son Isayah Killed

Remember the story of Isayah Muller, the star running back from Truman High School in The Bronx? Muller was fatally stabbed during a fight a few hours after his graduation. The fight was with a few parking attendants who Muller’s father, Andre Muller, believed had stolen a $200 bottle of cologne that was a graduation present. The attendants hadn’t been charged with murder which angered many people. Police had said they were acting in self defense. Now we all know that was the case.

My FOX New York obtained the security footage of the fight and you can clearly see that Andre Muller is the aggressor and largely responsible for his son’s death. Here is the video:

Wow, it probably will be a difficult time for Andre Muller sitting in jail knowing he’s responsible for his son’s death. Did we also mention that he “did two lengthy stretches in prison: one from 1992 to 1997 for armed robbery and another from 2000 to 2006 for selling heroin to an undercover cop,” according to Fox 5? He is one shady dude.

Seriously, who goes to war like that over a $200 bottle of cologne? Better yet, who pays $200 for a bottle of cologne?

Woodlawn and Plaquemine High School Teams Get into Major Brawl (Video)

Woodlawn High School and Plaquemine High School played each other Wednesday in a seven-on-seven scrimmage. Things were heated between the squads from the moment the game began. 20 minutes in, we got this amazing fight captured on tape by WAFB:

We’ve seen women’s soccer fights, two jockeys fight, and a high school player attack a ref here at LBS, but this marks our first high school football fight. By the way, that’s easily the best football brawl since Miami and FIU went at it in 2006.

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High School Basketball Player Allan Guei Donates $40,000 from Contest Winnings

Allan Guei is a standout high school basketball player from Compton High School (Los Angeles) who won $40,000 towards college expenses in a free throw contest in March. Guei already had a full scholarship to play basketball for CSUN (Cal State University Northridge), so he decided to donate his winnings to the people who finished behind him in the contest.

The contest was created by an advertising executive and screenwriter who “wanted to make a documentary that dispelled some of the negative stereotypes associated with the city of Compton.” The contest was open to Compton seniors with a grade-point average of at least 3.0. Of the 80 who qualified, eight were chosen at random to participate.

Guei won the contest by making five free throws (a pretty low number for the star point guard on the basketball team). Rather than keep the $40,000 for himself, he shared it with the people who finished behind him in the contest. The runners-up were already set to receive $1,000 towards college, but after the gift from Guei they have an additional $5,500. You make think the whole thing was fixed, but based on NCAA rules Guei probably could have kept around 80% of the winnings.

We’ve seen some nice gestures by athletes who have donated thousands of dollars in money or gifts, but for a student to do that? That takes a whole new level of generosity.

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High School Pole Vaulter Evan Barr Says Curse Word, Costs Team State Title

Loyola High pole vaulter Evan Barr only needed to clear his final height in order to win an individual state title at the California state track and field meet on Saturday.  All the Los Angeles product needed to do to ensure that his team won a state title was to remain quiet after he failed to clear that final height.  Unfortunately, emotions got the best of him, and Barr made a mistake that ended up costing his team a state title.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Barr shouted a curse word after he missed his final jump and was disqualified because of it.  Had he not used a “profanity,” Barr would have finished in a tie for third place and given his team enough to win the state boys’ championship.

“He uttered a profanity out of frustration, and the officials thought it was significant to disqualify him,” Coach Mike Porterfield said. “He apologized immediately after he said it.”

Hal Harkness, the state rules interpreter, added that contestants “can’t be profane in a competitive area” and called Barr’s reaction “an unfortunate lapse in judgment.”

Apparently that would be an understatement.  This is one of those instances where the most simple approach to take would be the “rules are rules” approach.  The circumstances are obviously different from collegiate or professional athletics given that it happened at a high school event, but this still seems a bit harsh.  Barr wasn’t cursing at an official or an opponent.  He was simply frustrated that he screwed up.  On the other hand, you can’t make exceptions to the rules based on circumstances — especially when dealing with high schoolers.  One things for sure: Evan Barr will probably behave like he’s in church during athletic competition from here on in, and we’re left wondering what’s a bigger injustice, that or this.

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Jacob Raleigh Loses Arm to Cancer, Makes State Tennis Tournament with Off Hand

Jacob Raleigh is a senior at Letcher County Central High School in Kentucky, and he recently underwent a life-altering procedure: he had his left arm amputated. Raleigh plays tennis for Letcher County, and in March of 2010, he noticed a lump on his wrist that made it too painful to swing a racket. His parents took him to have the wrist examined and doctors discovered he had Epithelioid Sarcoma, a rare soft-tissue cancer that usually strikes young adults, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. He was given three options by doctors to treat the cancer: amputation, radiation, or replace the tendons in his arm with ones from his leg. The third option was easily the most appealing, so they went with it.

Unfortunately the cancer came back and Raleigh had to make the difficult decision to have his left arm amputated in October. Keep in mind that Raleigh is left-handed, so not having his dominant arm meant learning how to do everything with his off-hand.

That included playing tennis.

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