How Much Different Are Miami’s Violations from 95% of Other Programs?

The Miami Hurricanes football program is going down and it’s going down hard. Yahoo! Sports’ investigative report unveiled hundreds of violations committed by the program from ’02-’10. Their information comes from former booster Nevin Shapiro who’s in jail for running a $930 million Ponzi scheme. The guy is a crook, a jock-sniffer, and a pathetic wanna-be who was used by talented athletes. But anyone who denies his stories despite the overwhelming financial and photographic evidence is blind.

The thing is, this isn’t about Nevin Shapiro, his credibility, or his motives. This isn’t about whether or not the athletic department knew of the violations (it was on too large of a scale to ignore). This isn’t about whether or not Miami deserves the death penalty.

Really, this isn’t even about Miami.

The issue is we’ve learned that this is a widespread problem going on throughout most programs in Division-I college football. Changes are needed on a grand scale.

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Colt McCoy’s Wife Rachel Says Jock Sniffing Adults Are the Problem

With so much talk about players breaking NCAA rules, programs being in trouble, and schools losing national championships, everyone’s trying to figure out the problem. Is it the NCAA which is running a billion dollar business in which their laborers aren’t making any money while coaches and school presidents are rich? Is it the athletes who break rules put in place by the NCAA? Is it coaches who protect the players and the program? Those are all fair questions, and the answer is the blame can be shared pretty equally by all parties. But how about one other subsection that is hardly mentioned yet was brought up by Colt McCoy’s wife. Rachel McCoy, who dated Colt during his time at Texas (here are the pics to prove it), says it’s the adult men who offer the players gifts and other luxuries that are the problem.

Rachel called into a radio show to explain her stance. She says that grown men want to give players gifts so they can brag to their friends that they’re close to athletes.

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Terrelle Pryor Reportedly Received Thousands for Autographed Merchandise

Terrelle Pryor announced through his attorney Tuesday that he is leaving Ohio State to enter the NFL’s supplemental draft. It’s a decision most people could have seen coming when Pryor was spotted driving in a relatively flashy car, with a reported suspended license, while his school was under investigation. If that’s not the epitome of “I don’t give a f***” then I don’t know what is.

Though Pryor is leaving school to pursue professional football, it’s not as if he’s leaving his problems behind; he’s now facing accusations that he was paid thousands of dollars to autograph memorabilia.

A former friend of Pryor tells Outside the Lines that the quarterback made thousands of dollars signing memorabilia for an Ohio man. “The signings for cash, which would be a violation of NCAA rules, occurred a minimum of 35 to 40 times, netting Pryor anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000 that year,” the former friend told ESPN.

Sports by Brooks adds to the report, saying Pryor deposited multiple checks from Dennis Talbott, the Ohio man/memorabilia dealer in question. Brooks points us to Talbott’s eBay seller’s account which is called “infickellwetrust,” which is a reference to Ohio State’s new football coach. Talbott operates a store on eBay called “ntresselwetrust” and it has hundreds of autographed items available — most of which are from athletes in Ohio.

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Terrelle Pryor Tattoo and Loaner Car Investigations Loom Over Sugar Bowl

The NCAA cemented its status as a shameful organization with its recent handling of Ohio State. The Buckeyes had a handful of players investigated for accepting improper benefits in the form of tattoos they received in exchange for autographs and other memorabilia. Tattoos are expensive and often cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, making it a wonder how so many of the Buckeyes could afford all the ink. Then it was revealed that several players sold Big Ten Championship Rings and other memorabilia, a similar charge that resulted in a four-game suspension this season for Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green.

And what happened to the Ohio State players Terrelle Pryor, Dan Herron, Devier Posey, Mike Adams, and Solomon Thomas? They were suspended the first five games of next season, and not at all for those who elect to enter the NFL draft. Somehow the players were allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl under the grounds of the school not educating the players properly on the rules. Right, as if they didn’t know pawning off their goods was illegal.

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