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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sports Almanac Picks

NFL picks Week 11 against the spread – Doc’s picks

Doc has already abandoned the Costanza Plan after only one week. You go .500 and don’t see many good results, and that causes you to abandon things. The past four weeks have really been a rotten run for the Doc. Is Vegas raking in the dough and making their money? You bet, but that doesn’t…Read More

NFL Picks Week 11 against the spread – Del’s desperation

At this point, all we can really do is roll our weekly picks out there and see what happens. Del followed up an abysmal 2-11 week against the spread in Week 9 with a less-than-impressive 6-8 record in Week 11. The only positive we can take from last week is the 2-1 in the top-three…Read More

NFL picks Week 10 against the spread – Doc’s revenge

Doc has been destroyed on his picks over the past few weeks. Frankly, it’s been embarrassing. So we’re trying out a new strategy this week, and it already worked on the Thursday night game. We’re going with the Costanza plan. If every instinct Doc has had lately has been wrong, then the opposite must be…Read More

NFL picks Week 10 against the spread – Del’s misfortunes

Last week was a complete embarrassment. That’s pretty much all I can say. There’s no excuse for going 2-11 against the spread and 0-3 in the supposed “top three” selections, but Del figured out a way to do it. Simply put, we have to kill it over the second half of the season. Otherwise, we’re…Read More

NFL picks Week 9 against the spread – Doc’s picks

The best part about having so many NFL teams on byes this week is there are fewer chances for us pick games wrong this week. That’s always a good thing, right? Well after two bad weeks in a row, it’s time for a bounce-back week. We’re going to get it this time. Analysis of the…Read More

NFL picks Week 8 against the spread – Del’s selections

Now that we have reached the halfway point in the NFL season, it will be crucial for Del to establish some consistency going forward. Last week, Del posted an impressive 8-5 record against the spread while going 2-1 in the top three. If we can string together a couple more weeks like that, we can…Read More

NFL picks Week 8 against the spread – Doc’s picks

Last week was absolutely dreadful for Doc Brown. A total week to forget. 0-3 on the Top 3 picks, and the rest didn’t do much better. But that means we’re primed for a turnaround this week. There’s a game in London with weather being a concern. Mike Vick is likely in at quarterback for the…Read More

NFL picks Week 8 against the spread – Del’s selections

This is getting very difficult to sugarcoat. After bouncing back with some impressive work against the spread in Week 6, Del is finding it difficult to gain momentum. Week 7 did not go very well, as we went a measly 5-10 against the spread and 1-2 with the top three. We’re entering the halfway point…Read More

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