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Sunday, November 29, 2015


Alamo Bowl streaker swims on turf (Video)

It’s time to pose an important philosophical question: if a fan runs onto the field but does not remove any clothes, is said fan considered a streaker? One fan ran onto the field during the fourth quarter of Friday’s Alamo Bowl between UCLA and Kansas State. Said fan, who appeared to be wearing a purple…Read More

‘F–k CNN’ guy videobombs CNN interview (Video)

Monday night was a mess for CNN. You had reporters getting tear-gassed while on live TV. You also had all sorts of protesters looting stores in Ferguson. And then there was Don Lemon. Not only did Lemon ask an alleged Bill Cosby sexual assault victim why she didn’t bite off his penis, but while reporting…Read More

Kaelin Clay play gets hilarious Taiwanese Animation (Video)

You’ve already seen the Kaelin Clay blunder from the Utah-Oregon game on Saturday multiple times, I’m sure. And if you haven’t, you can watch it here. We’re not going to continue hitting you over the head with that replay, but we definitely want to direct your attention to this hilarious Taiwanese Animation video of the…Read More

49ers fan fight in bathroom results in huge knockout (Video)

A video posted to YouTube on Sunday shows fans at Sunday’s 49ers-Chiefs game getting into a big fist-fight in a bathroom, leaving two injured and one completely knocked out. According to the YouTube uploader, the fight was “all due to impatience for an open stall.” KGO in San Francisco says two arrests were made and…Read More

Corporal saves Aggies mascot Reveille from collision (Video)

Texas A&M cadet Ryan Kreider had one job and one job only: protect Aggies mascot Reveille on the sidelines. And he did that wonderfully. The sophomore mascot corporal saw danger heading the pooch’s way during A&M’s game with SMU Saturday after an overthrow towards the end zone led Mustangs wide receiver Der’rick Thompson charging hard…Read More

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