Jeff Francoeur victim of epic prank, thought teammate was deaf (Video)

Jeff Francoeur deafJeff Francoeur was released by the Cleveland Indians during spring training and picked up by the San Diego Padres organization, which assigned him to the minor leagues. Little did he know that when he was sent down, he’d end up being the victim of one of the best pranks we’ve seen.

Frenchy’s teammates with the El Paso Chihuahuas of the Pacific Coast League convinced him that pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf and managed to keep up the charade for a month, Decker tells us. As Reyes explains in the video, he went without listening to music on team trips despite how difficult it was, just to keep up the appearance that he was deaf.

The video was put together by first baseman/former 22nd round pick out of UCLA, Cody Decker, who has put together a handful of videos on his “Antihero Baseball” YouTube channel. Decker recorded interviews with players who provided commentary on how stupid Frenchy was for falling for the prank, and then he recorded Frency’s reaction to watching the final video. That was just a superb touch.

Excellent video, Decker.

Derek Jeter goes out of his way to give adorable fan a ball, struggles with woman (Video)

Derek Jeter went out of his way to ensure that the proper fan got a ball from him on Thursday, and he literally had to battle an adult fan just to do it.

Jeter began directing the fan and trying to point, but there were so many fans in the area clamoring for a ball from him that it was a struggle. He ended up walking all the way up to the stands and nearly had to slap an adult woman’s hand out of the way to finally get the ball to the adorable young fan he wanted to receive the souvenir.

I don’t know how much I blame the woman. Maybe she’s a huge Jeter fan and was dying from a souvenir from him, so props to Jeter for going out of his way to make sure the right person got the ball. But dang, I didn’t realize people that age got so desperate! Maybe it’s a Houston thing. And it probably would have helped if she weren’t wearing an Astros shirt.

Derek Jeter ball Yankees fan

H/T @JimmyTraina

Dodgers players attempting to speak Australian slang is all sorts of LOL (Video)

Hyun-Jin RyuThe Dodgers are in Australia to open up the MLB season with a series against the Arizona Diamondbacks, and they’re having a lot of fun soaking up the culture while they’re there. Not only have we seen Vin Scully hang out with a koala, but the Dodgers players also shot a video where they attempted to speak in Australian slang. The whole thing was pure comedy.

Best part? Carl Crawford’s Southern twang won’t let him say that word! And Hyun-Jin Ryu saying crikey? That was fantastic.

Tennessee baseball cleans their field off like bosses (Video)

The Tennessee baseball team has an interesting pregame routine that would make any college coach in the country proud. Put it this way — you don’t ever have to tell these guys to put a little hustle into it.

Before home games begin, the Vols kick it into overdrive to get their team’s equipment off the field. They somehow manage to get their tarps and protective nettings off the field in roughly 30 seconds.


“When the opponents look across they’ve got to be thinking, ‘Boy, look at the energy level,’” Vols head coach Dave Serrano said. “I’ve heard a couple of coaches on opposing teams say, ‘That’s the way the field should be cleaned off.’”

No wonder these guys are off to a 17-2 start and are ranked 21st in the nation. If they put half as much effort into the games as they do in warmups, they should have no problem contending for a national championship.

Video via For the Win

Fart causes MMA fighter to tap out, vomit (Video)

Now here is something we’ve never seen before. An MMA fighter won his match on Saturday thanks to a foul-smelling fart to the face of his opponent. Seriously.

According to Cage Potato, the fight seen above took place in the 2014 NAGA Vegas Grappling Championship on Saturday. The two fighters were battling on the mat and there was no clear advantage, but suddenly the guy on top just stopped fighting, allowed his arm to get locked (or something) and just tapped out. There didn’t seem to be a great submission hold, but some light was shed on the mystery when the guy puked on the mat.

You can see the losing fighter tell the referee and his opponent that the other guy farted in his face.

He then grabs a paper towel and prepares for the cleanup.

Truly one of the funniest, greatest, most bizarre MMA fights we’ve ever seen.

And does the guy who won have a nickname yet? If not, Jack the Ripper would be appropriate, or maybe gas mask, the gas chamber, gas master or windbreaker could work.

I mean the look on this guy’s face just said it all:

MMA fighter fart

H/T Bloody Elbow

Dad goes after baseball, lets kid in stroller roll away (Video)

Mets fan strollerOne father got a little too excited over the prospect of getting a ball while attending a spring training game between the New York Mets and Miami Marlins on Monday.

Mets outfielder Chris Young launched a ground-rule double to center in the first, and one fan who was chilling on the grassy knoll with his family let go of a stroller to chase after the ball.

Do you think his wife let him have it for letting their son roll away?

Hey, when you have a chance to snag a ball at a game, sometimes nothing else matters. You’re climbing over people sitting next to you, spilling $12 beers and even losing track of children. But if you get that ball, it was all worth it.

Reporter Steve Keeley nearly run over by snow plow on live TV (Video)

Steve Keeley snowFOX 29 TV reporter Steve Keeley from Philly nearly was run over by a snow plow during the middle of a live report, but the guy kept rolling on and shook off the snow shower like it wasn’t no thang.

The GIF makes it look much worse and more death-defying than it probably was, but it was still impressive the way Keeley was unfazed by the snow plow coming so close to nearly destroying him.

You can watch the full video of the report below. The snow plow part happens around the 1:55 mark:

Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29

Us California folks know nothing about this snow plow business.

H/T Crossing Broad