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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Billy Gillispie Isn’t Fond of Halftime Interviews with Jeannine Edwards

This is like the dream scenario for me. I’m a huge Billy Gillispie fan, having gone on the record a long time ago saying that it was a great hire for Kentucky. I still feel that way. Perhaps it’s because I think on the same level as this guy (you know, in a non-basketball sense) that I appreciate the video so much. I’ve also been on record saying that sideline reporters and sideline reports for the most part serve no purpose in game telecasts. Clearly Gillispie agrees. He made reporter Jeannine Edwards look pretty bad in the Ole Miss game, and the two met once again this week. Naturally the exchange went smoothly. Or not.

If a coach were embarrassing a reporter I would not agree with his/her actions. But if a coach is pointing out that the reporter is asking poor questions (which was the case), then I think that’s fair. Allow me to give Edwards and all other halftime interviewers a brief lesson: your first (and often only) question to ask should be … what do you plan to do differently in the second half? This question does not intrude the coach’s privacy and allows him/her the freedom to take the question where he wants. Then, you may also ask a follow-up question if there is an injury to a key player. Outside of that, what else could you possibly achieve with an interview that lasts 30 seconds with a person who does not wish to speak with you?

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