Marcus Smart pushes fan during loss (Video)

Marcus Smart did exactly what athletes are never supposed to do: go after a fan.

Oklahoma State lost at Texas Tech 65-61 in Lubbock on Saturday night, and Smart went into the stands and actually pushed a fan in the final seconds of the game.

There are conflicting reports on what he said. Oklahoma State’s radio analyst reportedly said he heard Smart saying the fan called him the N-word. The fan in question — Jeff Orr — supposedly denied saying that, though he did admit to saying something he shouldn’t have.

Will Smart get punished in some way? We have no doubt he’ll be suspended and who knows what else. We’re pretty surprised that he wasn’t ejected from the game.

Not long after the incident took place, the stories about Orr began to emerge.

Some folks found a video that shows Orr giving a f— you sign to Texas A&M’s Bryan Davis after a dunk in a previous incident:

Would you be surprised to find out he did something similar to Smart? We wouldn’t be.

Texas Tech fan Jeff Orr

Even if the fan did something, you still can’t justify Smart’s actions. He has to be above it.

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Marcus Smart fan

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  • Nn

    Yep.. It’s the exact same fat jackass

  • sportslifemoney

    He called him an f****** n*****…dumbass fan

  • Ethan

    Clearly a guy who shouldn’t be court side at a college basketball game. Wouldn’t be surprised if Texas Tech revokes his season tickets. Smart was wrong for going after him but that fan seems like a total douchebag

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Show some restraint or you’ll be washing cars for a living…see terell owens

  • John Ashworth

    I applaud Smart for this. That fan was a total jackass…enjoy your 5 seconds of fe that’s all your ass will get while Smart balls out in the NBA

  • 6is9

    For accuracy’s sake, the game was still in progress when the incident occurred. Marcus Smart should not have lost his cool. He may have cost himself millions of dollars. His draft stock was going down anyway. It seems his team consistently plays better when he is not in the game. That is not overlooked by NBA scouts. Whether or not he was still a likely lottery pick was debatable. I don’t think it is now. That’s a million dollar loss at minimum.

    That said, if this “fan” has a history of hurling racial epithets at student athletes TTU MUST have had knowledge of it. The conference should investigate that and the school should be sanctioned if they’ve allowed it. This SOB must be banned from all TTU athletic events. If he travels to their road games as it says, the Big 12 needs to keep him out of all their venues. This is a serious incident and it must be dealt with in a manner that makes it clear to players that it is never acceptable to engage in hostility with a fan. It especially needs to be made famous to fans that if you try to provoke individual players, or taunt anyone with racist crap you will be at minimum ejected from the arena. There needs to be definitive procedure for the game officials to follow in the event of another incident of a player-fan altercation. The coaching staffs need to react as well. Neither handled this well at all. Fans should have been kept from storming the court last night. That incident happened within seconds of the game’s end and I believe Smart was still on the sidelines — a potentially volatile situation amidst the rush of fans.

    What is it with fans storming the court all the time this year. TTU is not that bad and OSU was on something like a four game losing streak. Come on! That’s disrespectful to your team and makes you look like you don’t know much about the sport. As far as I’m concerned the whole practice needs to be stopped. It always has been a potentially dangerous situation for the visiting team. Since the Big 12 conference spans some of our most gunsick population, and since Americans don’t really give a flying frack about kids killing kids or they’d do something about it, maybe the conference might step up and do what it can to make the game environment a little safer.