92,000 Alabama Fans Have Nothing Better to do Than Watch a Scrimmage

Initially you’re overwhelmed by the sheer force of the numbers — a crowd of 92,000 showed up to watch an intra-squad scrimmage. But when you get down to the nitty-gritty of the matter, of course that many fans showed up — it was their only chance to see Alabama get a win.

School officials had planned for around 50,000 fans to be on hand, and were prepared to host even 60,000 just in case. I can’t imagine what 92,000 did to them. Defensive end Wallace Gilberry made a comment that he thought Florida or Tennessee were in town. Nope, just Nick Satan Saban in his first year as head coach.

It shows what kind of passion and support we have at the University of Alabama,” Saban said. It certainly makes me feel great about being here as the coach. I just hope we can continue to channel all that energy in a positive way so we can get to where we want to go and continue to build this program into something special.”

Translation — we’re not in Miami anymore. Then again, Saban won a national title at LSU, so he knows what rabid SEC fans are like. Man, even if Saban was a jackass for leaving the Dolphins, have to feel for the guy — and anyone who has the pressure of 92,000 fans showing up for a practice game. That is pure insanity. It’s that type of passion by the fans that really make you hope for some serious strides in Tuscaloosa — perhaps a 2-10 season.

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  • http://LarryBrownSports Ronald McDonald

    Fuuuck you!

  • B-Boy

    Cock in your face!
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  • YougotOwned

    Ass clown.

  • Suka MaDeeka

    The single copy price up in the top corner is listed at 50 cents?? I wouldn’t give 1/50th of a cent for your worthless ass opinion.

    The amount of people that attended this event only solidifies the passion and fondness for their team. To the people that matter (i.e. not you), like the recruits this team is vying for (as one example), it was awesome.

    I can say this…….that when Saban gets rolling and does what we all think he can, I’ll be one of the people that is able to say I was at the first Saban coached Alabama A-day game of 92,138 +.

    Ronald McDonald has a good comment for you above.

  • http://www.yahoo.com TT

    I do not understand why you would insult the fans of the University of Alabama. Ohio State, Notre Dame and Nebraska all had over 70,000 fans at their scrimmages. Yet, you say Alabama fans are fanatics. Maybe you are just bias against Alabama? Unfortunately for you, when you write with such blatant bias and use denegrating generalizations you tell the reader you are ignorant. I am feel bad for you and the people you influence. I hope that everyone can see through your ignorance and hatred to see that Alabama is a wonderful place full of terrific people of all race and economic status. You probably don’t understand that the spring game was free and that fans gave almost $40,000 to help Tornado victims. No, you just want to spread hatred. Thank you for writing about Alabama. We appreciate the publicity. But the next time you want to say something negative start with yours

  • Larry’s Wife

    Dear Larry,

    i regret to inform you that i am leaving you for a die hard Alabama fan. He exibits more passion at a spring football game than you have had in the bedroom for the past 20 years…


  • Nafe

    I simply don’t understand why having a record crowd at a Spring game is a bad thing. We love Alabama football. Notre Dame fans love Notre Dame football. Nebraska fans love Nebraska football. Why don’t you get over your biased, ignorant, and basically worthless opinion and go back to writing about something you know: being passionless.

  • Edge

    See comments above – they couldn’t get much better . . . or more appropriate.

  • Joel


    What were you doing on Saturday? As if there was something better to do than to go watch the beginning of a new chapter of the most dominant college football program in history. For one group of kids from Enterprise, AL. it was a chance to get away from the trajic loss of their classmates and suffering the community has endured after a natural disaster. Sure we have a passionate and sometimes crazy fanbase, but that is not such a bad thing. That same passion raised $40,000 in charity and that was just what was collected in the buckets which were not easy to find.
    There are a lot of things to be ashamed of but passion is not one of them. I’ll take passion over jealousy anyday.
    By the way, the Nick Satan reference was cute. A man who has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to disaster relief and college funds. How much have you given? Well, this kind of article is what the public has come to expect from a no talent writer who has to stir up contreversy to get fans to visit his website so congrats. Your strategy worked.

  • Vertical

    I’m curious, Larry – did you get legal clearance to post that image which belongs to the Tuscaloosa News?

    I’ve dropped a note to their legal dept. to let them know.


  • Dan


    OSU had 75,000 at their spring game and paid 5 bucks each to watch a (meaningless scrimmage). Perhaps I missed your article ridiculing the osu fans.

  • Josh

    Who is Larry Brown?

  • Larrys Dad

    Your mother is an auburn whore!

  • Big Larry Turd Eater

    Larry loves buttfucking small goats

    Larry’s Neighbor

  • william

    Get a clue. You are a joke.


    We must be doing something right for you to target us as a fan base. I live in Fayetteville, NC and yes I drove 578 miles just to watch the game.

    By the way, we appreciate the advertisement, it helps recruiting.

  • John

    Mr. Brown,

    Really and truly, what is so bad about spending a nice, Spring Alabama day with the family watching a traditional scrimmage game of your favorite team?

    I suppose one could stay at home and let the kids play video games ot work in the yard or something like that. Why not meet with friends in Tuscaloosa, grill out, and enjoy a fun and exciting scrimmage in the beautiful weather?

    Please help me understand.


  • T Sanders

    To the author of this article, you can go back to your fetal position now or maybe you should just go be commited.

  • hatinglarrybrown

    I have something else better for you too do….GO FUCK YOURSELF!!

  • http://sucks Alanbama59

    You my Miami fan P.O.S. need to do something other than TRY to write.You just make yourself look worse.Go straight to(well,your close enough now).ROLL TIDE BITCH!!

  • http://www.detroitbadboys.com Matt W.

    I just can’t wait until four years down the road when Saban leaves Alabama for some Big 12 school. Given his track record, you know it’s going to happen.

  • Andy M.

    What a DICKHEAD!!!

  • Druidia Podgorney

    Amen to this, brother! Damn, a sorry commentary on the rednecks in Alabama and the rest of the country!

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