Cal Completes the Impressive Collapse

A matter of seven weeks ago, the Cal Golden Bears were on top of the college football world. Sporting a #2 ranking and healthy 5-0 record, a BCS bowl was not in question; it was only a matter of whether or not they would reach the National Championship game. Matter of fact, a buddy of mine even tried rescheduling a surgery so he’d be ready to travel to New Orleans come January 7th. So much for that. The once mighty Golden Bears quietly dropped six of their last seven, starting with the disappointing loss to Oregon State.

Until my mentioning here, you probably didn’t even realize how poorly Cal finished. They just dropped off the radar screen with a meteoric thud. They lost their last three, including back-to-back road losses to Washington and Stanford. I can understand stumbling against Oregon State and losing to ASU and USC, but come on, also falling to UCLA, Washington, and Stanford? Are you kidding me? All for a team that torched Tennessee to start the year? How is it possible that a team goes from being one of the top five in the country (which they clearly were) to one of the worst in the Pac-10 a few months later? It’s mind-boggling. Please, someone, explain to me how something like this happens. Was it the curse of the tree hugger?

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  • Gene

    It might be the curse of the treehugger. However, the Cal collapse will surely lower Tedford’s stock as either a pro head coach or a candidate for a more high profile college job (such as Michigan’s).

    It will also do not good in the efforts to improve the football facilities at Berkeley, so the treehugger gains a partial victory even if there is no curse.

  • http://zachls.blogspot.com The Big Picture

    growing up in berkeley, i watched a lot of cal football this season. and boy was it frustrating.

    a lot of it will fall on longshore. he got banged up in the oregon game, an ankle injury that really never went away.

    so he wasn’t as effective as he should be. and when Cal got 1st and goal, they couldn’t get the ball in the endzone. they’d try to ram it up the middle with forsett and it’d fail.

    i think after the USC game, the team just sort of quit, realizing they had nothing to play for.

    cal still seems like one of the most talented teams in the country, but at the end, man, they looked like a high school team.

  • http://completesports.blogspot.com twins15

    Wow, you’re right… I actually did not realize they finished that poorly. It’s mind-boggling how a team with that much talent on the offensive side of the football could struggle that much.

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