Jayru Campbell in police custody after bodyslamming security guard (Video)

Jayru Campbell, a high school junior quarterback at Cass Tech in Detroit, may be in danger of losing his scholarship offer from Michigan State after being caught on video bodyslamming a security guard at school on Wednesday.

Word of the events from Wednesday began to spread over social media. A video purportedly showing Campbell bodyslamming the security guard was posted to Instagram and was widely shared. The video was later removed from Instagram, but it was uploaded to YouTube. One of his high school teammates discouraged fellow students from sharing details and media from the event on social media:

Though it’s nearly impossible to see who bodyslammed the security guard based on the video, multiple people have said it was Campbell. Campbell’s coach also confirmed to WXYZ that Campbell got in trouble at school on Wednesday, but the coach did not elaborate on the details.

Jayru Campbell

Click on Detroit says Campbell is in police custody.

According to Rivals, Campbell is a four-star recruit and third-best player in Michigan. He received scholarship offers from Alabama, Notre Dame, and Wisconsin, in addition to MSU.

Campbell is suspended for the start of the 2014 season because he punched an opponent in the handshake line after a semifinal loss in the state playoffs in November. He was also suspended 3-5 days from school for that incident.

You can see Campbell pushed away from the handshake line around 40 seconds into this video and then getting pushed away and wrestled to the ground by his coaches:

Image: YouTube/Dzonevideo

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  • MonteCarlo

    sad to say but this young man’s football career may be cut short before it can even get started smh

  • Upgrezze

    Dude obviously has some emotional issues. He should focus on being a more well rounded person then football. You can’t behave like this in a civilized society. Dudes disturbed.

  • it was a prank

    he just body slammed his career

  • Dick_Pepperfield

    That is the most embarrassing thing I have ever seen on a football field. Tackled by coaches to calm you down? Jesus! Who wold give this immature jackass a scholarship?!?

    Oh Michigan State. That’s right