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Monday, December 11, 2017

Oklahoma receiver Kenny Stills wore a purple dress for some reason (Picture)

The photo that you see above was shared with us by Saturday Down South, and we can’t really tell you much about it other than Kenny Stills is embracing it. For whatever reason, the Oklahoma wide receiver decided to rock a sparkly purple dress at some point earlier this week. Based on some of the things Stills wrote on his Twitter page Tuesday, it sounds like he threw the dress on simply to get a few laughs.

“If I had a problem (with) the picture I would’ve had it taken down or never posted,” Still wrote. “Lol I’m not worried about it. Have fun (with) it! Act like you ain’t never taken a funny photo lol gtfoh.”

This can’t be the proudest moment in Stills’ life, but neither was the time he got arrested last year on suspicion of misdemeanor driving while under the influence. So Kenny decided to make light of both at the same time.

“Dress picture or mugshot: which one’s better?! Hahahahah,” he joked.

Neither, Kenny…neither. Several followers came to Stills’ defense immediately after by pointing out that even Cam Newton has worn a dress and had the evidence photographed. We call that rookie hazing. It happens in the MLB also, as Mike Trout could tell you. Stills is a junior in college. Hazing doesn’t apply. That is all.

H/T Dr. Saturday

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