Nobody was sadder than Lou Holtz after Notre Dame’s loss (Video)

lou holtzAlabama blew out Notre Dame to make the National Championship Game pretty boring, but the rout was almost worthwhile solely because of how much it crushed Lou Holtz.

The former Fighting Irish coach was in disbelief after the game. He was defeated. He tried to find the words to explain Notre Dame’s crushing 42-14 defeat, but he couldn’t manage an explanation.

“Alabama was really far superior. How did it happen? I really don’t know,” a lost Holtz said.

“Notre Dame never even tried to run the football consistently. If you’re going to win a championship, you gotta be able to stop the run — which Notre Dame could not — and you have to be able to run the ball, which they did not try.

“Notre Dame did not play their best football game, and that’s probably the most discouraging thing to that university and to the team and the coaches as well.”

Keep searching for the right words, Lou. We’ll get back to you in September, and maybe by then you’ll realize that your Fighting Irish didn’t deserve to be playing in the game.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WLBNEV2QH2R5SWTEELOXOJQPEM N B

    Lou Holtz is an idiot.  Plain and simple.  He has demonstrated nothing
    but willful ignorance and undeniably delusional behavior all year long. 
    Even now, he appears unable to accept that ND is a 2nd-rate team (at
    best) that had absolutely no business on the same field with a team like
    Alabama.  ‘Bama out-played ND at every single position; all night,
    every play.  This was a case of complete and utter dominance.  If this
    game were played 100 times, Alabama would humiliate ND every single
    time.  If ND played in the SEC, they would have been lucky to finish

    Next year Alabama will be in the hunt for their 4th national title in 5 years, whereas ND will be lucky to finish 8-5.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VYHIGUMEWTWPMGDEDRQANDV6TI E

    Declaring ND a 2d rate team qualifies you as an Idiot – not Holtz. Alabama was way better, but ND is a Top 5 team – as the AP voters indicated.  Take a deep breath. You won’t look so stupid.

  • lesmith45

    Are you serious??  A top 5 team?  That’s ridiculous.  They wouldn’t be in the top 5 in the SEC!

  • BrianBing

    Lol if ND is a top 5 team they would have to be in fifth place as Texas A&M, LSU and Georgia were the only teams to make Bama break a sweat this year, and I think there were a few other teams out there that could have hung closer than ND, so calling ND a second rate team is a compliment to them, and a top 5 team is just a wish and a dream!!

  • steveblanton

    ND does not deserve to be ranked in the top 5 after that pitiful performance in the National Championship game against Alabama.  At best ND is maybe 9th or 10th behind Bama, UGA, Stanford, Oregon, Texas A & M, South Carolina and Clemson

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000596416418 Jermaine Heath

    E. you’re an idiot…AND Lou Holtz is an idiot. NB’s post is right on the money.  Notre Dame played the best football game that they could and as said, that game could have been played 100 times and the outcome would be the same. Alabama, UGA, LSU…all would have resulted in the same outcome. NOtre Dame is substandard and played a bunch of mediocre teams “at best”.  What Pittsburgh did with the run against Notre Dame earlier in the season was the most obvious indicator of what was to come when they faced ALabalama. ANyone who had any real conviction that Notre Dame would even come close to beating Alabama was 1) not being honest with themselves (i.e Lou Holtz) 2) doesn’t know football (i.e. Lou Holtz) or 3) both of the above (i.e. Lou Holtz)