Marcus Hall flips double bird to Michigan fans after ejection (GIF)


Ohio State offensive lineman Marcus Hall was ejected during a fight that broke out early in the second quarter against Michigan. The Wolverines were leading 21-14 when things got out of hand. Hall was one of three players — two Ohio State and one Michigan — who were ejected. Michigan’s Royce Jenkins-Stone and Ohio State’s Dontre Wilson were the other two players who got the boot.

Hall threw an epic hissy fit on the sidelines after he was tossed, slamming his helmet and kicking benches. Some team staffers were trying to calm him down when he flipped the double bird to Michigan fans as he headed to the locker room.

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Photo via Cork Gaines
GIFs via GIFD Sports

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  • Robert Stone

    That needs to be a suspension either from the coach, the AD, or the NCAA. I don’t care about Ohio or Michigan, but such poor sportsmanship can’t go unpunished.

  • Rondo

    Great candidate for the NFL. They will welcome him with open arms. Ravens or Raiders?

  • Travis Frazier

    O – H!

  • Travis Frazier

    He was ejected from the game along with 2 other players. The poor sportsmanship did go punished. What people don’t get is that tension like this is what makes the OSU – Michigan rivalry great.

  • Mr.Maddog

    Yo Robert, go back to reading your book. Or (LOL) were you one of those screaming abuse from the stands. This is College and it’s Football. To bad whiners like you pop out of the woodwork and ruin a great game with what you think should-be; ‘proper football etiquette’ for College kids trying to bash each others brains out on the field. Whatta great rivalry!! Take a pill and chill Bob, watch Bowling.

  • buckeyejim

    Why don’t you talk about 6-7 Michigan player’s sportsmanship that started this whole thing when they ganged up on Wilson and pushed him down several times ,where were the Michigan coaches when their “Michigan men ” were acting like hood rats. Marcus Hall came out to get 6-7 brave Michigan players off one Ohio State player. He has every right to be pissed off , it was a bum call from “home town” refs. The NCAA or the Michigan AD needs to look at Michigan about your call of poor sportsmanship, Michigan has had more training at poor sportsmanship.

  • carbuff350z

    Just another low life Urban Meyers recruit. In the 5 years at FL 30 players were arrested. Meyers will not discipline his players for their bad behavior.

  • jerry

    Here’s another so call role model player. Again these guys are so over rated and lack discipline. It shows that the coaches lack control of these players acting and fighting.They deserve suspension and anger management training. We’ll see what happens after the game, but there should be punishment handed out.

  • jerry

    you are so right, time will tell