Michigan plays ‘Chicken Dance’ after beating Notre Dame

Michigan beat Notre Dame 41-30 on Saturday night at the Big House in Ann Arbor, and the school celebrated the win over their “regional” rival with a little needling.

Brady HokeAfter playing “The Victors,” which is the University of Michigan’s fight song, the people controlling the music inside the stadium blasted the “Chicken Dance” over the speakers.

The fantastic music choice was a nod to head coach Brady Hoke saying in May that Notre Dame was chickening out by pulling out of the rivalry between the schools. The Fighting Irish informed the Wolverines that they were not interested in playing them beyond this season. Then last weekend Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly downplayed the significance of the rivalry, saying the teams were only regional rivals.

So let’s recap:

    – Brady Hoke calls Notre Dame chickens for pulling out of the rivalry
    – Brian Kelly says Michigan is not a traditional rival for Notre Dame
    – Michigan beats Notre Dame 41-30
    – Wolverines play Chicken Dance over Big House speakers after win

Masterfully done, Michigan.

Video via Guyism

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  • Eddi Haskell

    I expect that the time a decision is made to continue the series in 2020 — perhaps in 2016 — Michigan should be back to being a a regular Big 10 title and even national contender, and Notre Dame will be back to 4 or 5 loss seasons. Wouldn’t it be ironic if it is Michigan who decides not to continue the series since they want to limit the number of cream puff schools on their schedule?

  • Penny Carolin

    What bothers me is that M had already planned to have a hiatus with ND
    in 2017 because they had a scheduling problem. ND had agreed to that but
    it was M’s idea. ND moved up the hiatus because of scheduling problems
    but that makes us “Chicken”. The arguement being that we should have
    eliminated Purdue or MSU but not the wonderful M. That arguement can be
    turned around to why didn’t M eliminate someone other than ND win 2017? The series will be back on schedule for 2020. But in the meantime, I guess we have to say that M chickened out for 2017-2020.

  • Larry

    Only a ND idiot cannot connect the dots as to why Purdue is kept on the schedule instead of Michigan. Play the song again it fits!

  • Larry

    Keep blowing smoke, we will keep playing ND’s song.

  • Penny Carolin

    Sorry but not blowing smoke. Google it and it is easy to find this information. M asked ND to let them out of 2017, 2018 games due to scheduling problems. ND moved it up 3 years because there was a clause that they could do that in their agreement with M. With having to play 5 ACC teams some games had to be put on hiatus. I know all you M fans find it hard to believe that anyone would give up a chance to play your high and mighty team but that was the easiest contract for ND to get out of. Wonder why M wanted to drop ND in 2017 and 2018. Were they chicken? No, it was necessary for their schedule (or so they said). Both teams enjoy playing each other so this idea that ND is chicken is preposterous. Remember when we asked for this hiatus, M was hardly a top tier team. ND is not afraid to play anyone… They enjoy competitive games and what we saw on Saturday was the ultimate in a competitive game.

  • Penny Carolin

    Brian Kelly said not a historic rivalry as in they have only played 40 times in 126 years of competition. He never said it wasn’t a rivalry nor did he say a non- traditional one. However, it is not traditional. Too many years between games from the twenties through the 1980’s. Traditional would be Navy, MSU, USC. For those who say ND had a cupcake schedule…2013 SOS is as follows. 13 ND…29 M….40 Alabama.

  • Penny Carolin

    Who the hell is Larry Brown??

  • Penny Carolin

    It won’t be 2016. M had already put ND on hiatus for 2017-2018, so the earliest would be 2019.