Female student accuses Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon of breaking her face with one punch

Joe MixonA female student at Oklahoma is accusing incoming freshman running back Joe Mixon of breaking her face in four places with one punch during an incident at a restaurant early Friday morning, according to a report.

No arrests have been made in the situation and police are only investigating the claims of the 20-year-old woman, The Oklahoman reports.

The newspaper spoke with the alleged victim, who said Mixon was “harassing” her and some of her friends at a cafe before the incident.

“He punched me one time. He broke my face in four places … my nose, my sinuses … they’re broken,” the alleged victim told The Oklahoman.

The woman is speaking out despite fear of backlash from the school’s football fans, saying she wants him to go to jail.

“That’s what he deserves,” she said. “I don’t care if he’s the star running back or not.”

Mixon was a highly-touted recruit out of Northern California. He committed to the Sooners in January after also considering UCLA, USC, Cal and Wisconsin.

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  • Dan K

    Punched a woman in the face. What and the hell is wrong with the world. Of course, I can’t mention his complexion or role on the football team – that would be politically incorrect. Hope Al Sharpton condemns this assault.

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Men raised without fathers…the mothers too weak to step up and raise good men

  • Caligrl

    You shouldn’t comment on family situations unless you know what your talking about…..Joe was raised with a father who is very active in his life and has a very large network of family support and his mother is by no means weak! Children leave home and are often influenced by their peer group……

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Obviously not! Shattering a women’s face is nothing to be blaming his social group for. I’d say the same if it were my own boys.

  • perfectpats

    this kid should pay this gal 100 thou,when he hits the pros and one more jerkoff move he is gone

  • ManGod

    If this priviliged young man is quilty of hitting this woman hard enough to shatter her nose and nasal cavities, he deserves to recieve the maximun penalty under the law and pay all her medical bills now and for the future as a result of the damage he inflicted. As far as playing football for Oklahoma, if he is guilty, he should be suspended from all football activities at Ok and all collegiate levels for at least 1 year and undergo mental evaluation and anger management therapy. The heart of the issue goes beyond how this young was raised and stikes deep into the “above the law” , “I am special”, “I am the favorite son” whatever you want to call it that exsists on college campuses today. Colleges protect these players to protect their images, they sweep their illegal activities under the carpet, and disgrace the young women who are assualted with public slurs, private threats and veiled insinuations….it is a practice that society allows and one that should be punished with the harshness it deserves,,,,not overlooked as business as usual!

  • mary

    And he’s still walking around? If he gets out of this, there is NO justice. I don’t care who he is, there is no excuse for behavior like this. He is a punk and should be arrested.