Oregon Ducks Fans ‘O’ Means Vagina in Sign Language

Though many Oregon Ducks fans think they’re supporting their team when they throw up the “O,” they’re actually saying something else in sign language. As many Ducks players will tell you, the O in the spade shape actually means vagina in sign language.

The New York Times reported this finding, and they say 29 players on the team are enrolled in the school’s sign language program as a foreign language. Running back LaMichael James says he stopped doing the O after learning its meaning.

Turns out that’s not the only Oregon sign fans do that refers to our genitalia; LBS contributor A. Liu informed us that some Oregon fans do a “Big Balls Chip” chant as well in reference to head coach Chip Kelly. Here’s a video of that chant:

H/T Deadspin via A. Liu

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  • Anonymous

    The Ducks are fast, quick as lightning, disciplined and well-coached.  But USC is fairly fast, fairly quick, fairly well-coached, and tough.  Unable to get enough “3 & outs”, the defense just gave up too many points to a physically stronger team.

  • http://twitter.com/Johnny_Fly Andrew

    Ya know, if you hate the ducks, just write a story that says ‘i hate the ducks’. You dont need to disguise it as an actual news story.