Photo Evidence Todd McNair Is a Liar

At this point it’s just total semantics for USC to try and pick apart the penalties handed down by the NCAA in their attempt at an appeal. Todd McNair, the running backs coach at USC under the heaviest scrutiny by the NCAA, was let go by the Trojans after his contract expired on Wednesday. The photo below, provided by USCFootball.com via The Big Lead, shows McNair partying at a club with Lloyd Lake and Michael Michaels, the wanna-be agents who provided Reggie Bush and his family with a mansion and thousands of dollars. McNair of course denied having a relationship with Lake or Michaels. Oh, is that so? Then what the heck were you guys doing hanging out a club together in October of 2005?

From left to right that would be McNair, some actor dude, Michaels, and Lake.

The prosecution rests, your honor.

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Photo Credit: USCFootball.com

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  • Eric

    The photo says nothing but there are some clowns in the background. Celeb’s have people in their face all the time taking photo’s. To make the leap of faith that they’re “partying together” makes you look like another online idiot putting up a worthless blog.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Celebs? We have a nobody football coach, a nobody actor, and two wanna-be agents. Makes you look like another online usc homer putting up a worthless comment.

  • http://ecd4usc Eric Dennis

    Another journalist who fails to do their homework…you’re days behind in your facts and information. Aside from you’re obvious bias…you’ve failed to review the
    entire NCAA report, USC’s response, McNair’s statement, etc. There are far too many mistakes being revealed in the report, there are numerous discrepancies in the staff’s interview with Lake, and questions regarding the authenticity of the photo in question. There’s much more debate and information going on that disputes your article. Try digging a little deeper to get to”the real story”…and you could try hearing both sides of an issue before passing judgement. So you see, it’s really your worthless comments that make you look like an ass.
    Remote please…click…you’re gone.

  • Perry

    Lmao… Larry Brown this was very useless.

    You wasted your time posting this….

    All I see is a group of guys partying.

    Do not get mad because these guys are making so much money, and you are at home blogging useless garbage….lmao

    Get a life, and stop posting jealous rage garbage… lol 2 funny

  • EASportsInDaGame

    That will be the same sound on New Years day for all the USC fans. What no Trojan bowl game?!?! Remote please, click… sniffle sniffle.

  • ian

    to bad that photo is not in it’s original format. weird how out of all the photos turned in the only one that is used for evedence is out of it’s original format.