Reuben Foster keeping Auburn tattoo despite decommitting from school

There was once a time when five-star linebacker recruit Reuben Foster was so certain he would be playing college ball at Auburn that he got a tattoo to prove it. Then, the Tigers struggled through a 3-9 season and fired Gene Chizik. According to Al.com, Foster has decommitted from Auburn and is now considering Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Washington and Miami. So, about that tattoo…

After the news began circulating that he had decommitted from Auburn on Tuesday, Foster posted the following message on Twitter:


Former Auburn player Ladarious Phillips (Foster should probably learn how to spell his cousin’s name) was killed in a shooting that took place near the Auburn campus last summer. I’m sure whatever school Foster decides to commit to will respect his tattoo tribute, but I can’t imagine there have ever been many Auburn tattoos in the Alabama locker room. Remember, we’re talking about fan bases that poison each other’s trees.

It’s no surprise that Foster no longer wants to play at Auburn after they fired Chizik and dismissed all of their assistant coaches. However, his story should serve as a lesson to college recruits across the country. Don’t use ink to make your announcements — haircuts get the message across just fine.

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  • SpinMax

    I spose he’s gonna pass his classes on his own too

  • brandon bersch

    While I do not appreciate poisoning trees, or like most ink tattoos, it means nothing to me that he had a tattoo. He got a tattoo, big deal, many have tattoos, and if they can be proud of theirs, he can be proud of his. I never had an inked tattoo, but I always wanted one of a dragon, and you will always be surprised that all sorts of different people have inked tattoos ranging from punks, jocks, or just ordinary people. Does not make them any dumber than others (I actually have met ones who are very smart), it is just their way of expressing their selves, and it could be worse, he could have had piercings (not earrings) and tattoos all over his body.