USC players reportedly happy to see Lane Kiffin fired

Lane KiffinUSC Trojans fans weren’t the only ones happy to see Lane Kiffin fired on Sunday. Apparently many of the players were, too.

Los Angeles Daily News Trojans football reporter Scott Wolf said on Sunday that one player told him Kiffin “lost the locker room.” That’s not a surprise considering the team went 7-6 last season and got slaughtered in the Sun Bowl.

USC really should have fired Kiffin after that debacle. Not only did his players get into a fight following that game, but Kiffin and one of his assistants did too.

Then in the offseason, Matt Barkley was critical of Kiffin, saying the coach focused too much on Marqise Lee, which came as a detriment to the rest of the offense.

Of course things did not improve this season. USC had the home loss to Washington State in the second week of the season, narrowly escaped Utah State, and then got crushed by Arizona State on the road. They were 3-2 overall and 0-2 in conference when Kiffin was dropped.

One player reportedly told Wolf that Kiffin being fired was a weight lifted off them. You can interpret that many ways, but it’s clear the player felt that having Kiffin gone was good for the team.

Rich Hammond of the OC Register says athletic director Pat Haden said the reception from the players was “great” when he met with them to share the news.

Wolf also said a player told him he resented how Kiffin would only focus on certain players, like Barkley.

Whether they didn’t like the way he coached or just thought it would be better for the program if he were gone, it’s obvious many players were happy to see Kiffin fired. We also know there are recruits who wanted him gone, too.

Palmdale running back Demario Richard tweeted two weeks ago that he would consider USC if they got rid of Kiffin.

24/7 Sports got quotes from several recruits who are considering USC. Many of them said the firing will not affect their recruitment because they still like the USC program. One player said he was a little happy about the news, and then there was this from Cordell Broadus, whom you also know as Snoop Dogg’s son.

“I feel that he should have been fired a while ago and USC is going to raise the bar now because the new coaching staff next year and I’m anxious to see what they are going to look like.”

Ouch. It’s pretty clear that Kiffin’s firing was long overdue. And according to Wolf, Haden hired a search firm to start looking at potential replacements a long time ago, so this wasn’t a shocker for them either. My only question is: what took them so long?

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  • SpinMax

    What job does he get next? Yankees manager? Secretary of State?

  • Don Wooten

    I can believe the Tennessee faithful are happy he left now. All Kiffin is a dirt bag with a mouth. I’m a Fla. Gator fan and we beat him in our only game with Kiffin in control. Immediately I did not like him. Respected P. Fullmer. Even his on father abandoned him. What a dirt bag.

  • TomM

    This is a article full of BS. Why in the world would you attack a man with comments from Scott Wolf & snoop dogs son. Scott Wolfs reputation is of being a liar all things about Kiffin. Scott twists everything about Kiffin to be negative. I have been searching for 2 days to see what recruits & the players have to say about Kiffin, I have found none that bad mouthed him. Even the coachs had high praise of him, including Haden. You need to consider better sources than Wolf.

  • Dawgs4ever

    Probably same job as Tyrone Willingham. Assistant women’s golf coach.

  • joel

    Whatever position where Dad and Pete can pull strings for him

  • Ryan Phillips

    Just to be clear, Scott Wolf is and has always been full of garbage. The guy prints things that are wrong all the time and never prints retractions. He has zero access at USC and no one there can stand him. I never rip fellow writers but he is an exception.

    Not saying the players aren’t happy because I think they are, but Wolf is not someone to believe when it comes to “inside information.” He’s easily in the top five of worst journalists in the country. Wait, sorry he’s not actually a journalist because journalists don’t completely fabricate stuff (and get caught doing it) every few weeks.