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Friday, May 25, 2018

Wisconsin Coach Joe Rudolph Picks His Nose and Eats It (Animated)

If you have been watching the Rose Bowl attentively like the good college football fans you are, you may have noticed something special amidst the shootout in progress.  We’re not talking about Oregon’s chrome helmets — although those are pretty awesome.  This particular piece of excitement came in the form of a coach picking his nose.  Maybe we shouldn’t say he ate it, because eating has a specific definition that goes along with it.  However, he did put his finger in his mouth after it was in his nose.  Check out this hilarious animation of Wisconsin coach Joe Rudolph that Gifulmination passed along:

Damn cameras. Can’t a man pick his nose without being caught on national television?  What do you want him to do, wipe it on someone?  If you ask me Rudolph did the mature thing there.  Sometimes you have stuff up there that can’t be blown out.  When that happens, you can either consume or wipe. There’s just not enough time for the roll and flick in the middle of the most important game of the year.

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