Woman killed for not being upset enough over Alabama’s Iron Bowl loss

Adrian Laroze Briskey mug shot

A woman was killed after Alabama’s loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl on Saturday because she wasn’t upset enough about the Crimson Tide’s defeat, one witness says.

Michelle Shepherd, 36, was murdered on Saturday at an Iron Bowl viewing party, and 28-year-old Adrian Laroze Briskey has been charged in the killing. Shepherd’s sister said she witnessed the killing and has no doubt it was about the game, according to The Associated Press.

Nekesa Sheperd says Briskey became enraged when the sisters joked that the Alabama loss wasn’t as bad as the Miami Heat losing.

“She said we weren’t real Alabama fans because it didn’t bother us that they lost. And then she started shooting,” Shepherd told The Associated Press.

The AP reports that Shepherd said Briskey drank multiple shots of alcohol during the game and “went crazy” when she heard people joking after ‘Bama lost.

“It was over a football game,” said Shepherd. “I’m never going to forget it because she died in my arms.”

Friends told My Fox Alabama that Michelle Sheperd was a neutral fan when it came to the Iron Bowl, but was an avid Miami Heat fan. She was shot three times and died. A murder warrant was issued for Briskey, whose bond was set at $75,000. She was moved from a city to county jail.

The Sheperds were invited to the Hoover party and attended with about two dozen others. They did not know Briskey prior to the evening.

Sheperd leaves behind three young children.

This is obviously a sickening and disturbing story but, unfortunately, it’s not too surprising. This is the same fanbase that has produced the likes of Toomer’s Corner tree poisoner Harvey Updyke, so nothing seems out of the ordinary now. But this is a horrific story and we feel terribly for Sheperd and her family, and we hope that Briskey is brought to justice.

Here is WBRC’s report on the subject:

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  • Graham Abraham

    Adrian’s an ugly looking bimbo and thug.

  • Tumblindice58

    If this country would stop being such progressive pussies and start imposing harsh prison terms and even the death penalty when warranted we would eventually start gaining control of the animals running loose out there,When I say warranted for death penalty I mean this was witnessed by many people,Kinda hard to argue your way out of that,But we will end up wasting thousands of tax dollars on this asssclown and thats just wrong!

  • Tommy_Fitz

    WTF, are you kidding me? Again alcohol and hand guns don’t mix especially in the hands of an idiot. All of this over a “Football” game that no one should care about 2 weeks from now…………….

  • crimson3b

    Your column is biased in the fact that all Alabama fans are crazy because of a few. Go to Morgantown and see a couch burning, does that mean all WVU fans are arsonists? Your a joke.RTR 4ever!!!

  • Ravens

    Man I wish I was a bama fan. They shoot their own and poison trees when they lose. I was hoping that after this loss the entire state would implode and we wouldn’t have to suffer the stain of alabama on our country. 49 states would be just fine. Wait we need Missisipi, Tenessie, georgia, most of florida, south and north carolina to all vanish.