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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Joe Amendola asks if CNN interviewer is ‘somebody cute’ (Video)

Joe Amendola was already going to be disliked because of whom he was defending. But his actions, personality, and behavior throughout his time representing Jerry Sandusky has been a huge turnoff to the public.

Amendola has taken many ill-advised steps throughout his time defending Sandusky. His most notable mistake was putting his client on the spot for a phone interview with NBC where a confession was arguably given. Amendola then couldn’t stick to a judge’s gag order before the verdict was released, and when he was getting prepared to do an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday night after the verdict was announced, he acted like a complete imbecile.

When approached to do the interview, Amendola asked “With who? Somebody cute?”

Amendola had a shady grin on his face as he said it, and he thought he was hilarious. But he didn’t realize two things: 1) he was being broadcast on live TV 2) that was no time to joke around.

Outside of Sandusky, it’s arguable that nobody came out looking worse than Joe Amendola. But did we expect anything less from him?

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