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Friday, March 27, 2015

Editorial Process


Larry Brown Sports is an entertaining sports site, written in the form of several blog entries. The site specializes in viral sports content. Content includes controversial and original opinions, news stories, off-beat stories, humorous videos, entertaining photos, exclusive interviews, and witty banter between the writers and commenters. Larry Brown Sports was launched in January of 2007 and has been featured and/or cited on several prominent sports sites including MSN, Yahoo!, FOX Sports, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, AOL Sports, CBS Sports, and NBC Sports.

Larry Brown Sports is a Yardbarker affiliate site and partnered with FOX Sports and MSN.


Each item on the site must be the original thoughts of one of the writers, a news report, or be sourced to a reputable website including but not limited to blogs, newspapers, and magazines that have demonstrated responsibility and accuracy in their works.

Lead Editor – Larry Brown (full bio)

Brown brings 12 years of professional sports media experience to LBS. He has a B.S. from UCLA in the field of Communication Studies, with a specialty in Mass Media. Brown oversees what content is qualified to be published on the site and what items are unsuitable for the audience.

Assistant Editor – Steve DelVecchio (full bio)

DelVecchio helps ensure all content on LBS follows the guidelines of taste and decency set forth below. He is schooled in the area of sports and society.


Though Larry Brown Sports is intended for an adult audience, several guidelines are followed when it comes to all content on the site. Cussing at LBS is kept to a minimum with most strong language being edited out. Nudity and violence is prohibited on the site. The extensive use of CAPS is highly discouraged while proper spelling and grammar are highly encouraged.


Larry Brown (full bio) — All Sports

Brown has been a lifelong sports fan and brushed up on his sports commentary the last several years working in the sports radio industry.

Steve DelVecchio (full bio) — All Sports

DelVecchio is based out of the New England-area and covers all sports. He graduated with a degree in Communications and Sports in Society from UConn and he has written for The Daily News of Newburyport.

Gordon Dixon — All Sports

Dixon is based out of Maryland and a proud fan of the hometown Baltimore sports teams. A former contributor to Los That Sports Blog, Dixon also writes for the Orioles-centric Eutaw Street Report and Ravens-centric Russell Street Report.


Alan Hull — MLB, MMA

Hull graduated from UCLA with a degree in English and he has received a Master’s in Sports Management. An avid reader of all things baseball, Hull has been scouting talent for the last several years. He aspires to one day be a talent evaluator in Major League Baseball.

Shane Baker – NBA

Shane is a basketball enthusiast, having followed the NBA his entire life. In addition to his work for Larry Brown Sports, Shane also contributes to the basketball sites andĀ

Danny Lee – All Sports

Danny Lee has been involved in sports media for over seven years, working mostly in play-by-play both on TV and the radio. An accomplished broadcaster, Lee’s weekly column appears every Wednesday.

Brandon Fletcher and Jason Chacon are occasional contributors to the site.
Past writers have included John Ramey, Erin Redmond, Steven Hoffer, Derrick Holdridge, Sawley Vickrey, and Shallon Lester.


The audience is mainly, but not exclusively, young sports fans. Though most of the content revolves around sports, there are frequent references to the pop culture world which opens up LBS to a broader audience. There is a presence of regular commenters that liven up the site and provide interesting discussions on several topics.