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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Andy Roddick Doesn’t Mind Horndogs Slobbering Over Wife Brooklyn Decker

Tennis player Andy Roddick has been married to model/actress Brooklyn Decker for over two years. Being married to a covergirl is a dream for many men, but it can also be somewhat uncomfortable. Would you have issues with dudes around the world slobbering over your wife? That wouldn’t be cool with me, but it’s not a problem for Roddick.

Speaking on Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks podcast, Roddick was asked if he had any problems with his wife being the object of men’s desire. Roddick gave a logical response.

“If I make the choice to date a swimsuit model, and then I complain about [men looking at her] after the fact, I feel like that’s a little ridiculous,” he reasoned. “You kind of know what you’re getting yourself into. I don’t mind it at all. I’m comfortable in the public eye — I’ve been there for a while myself.

“I’m just happy for her. She’s doing what she loves, she’s kind of gaining a certain amount of success from it right now. She’s kicking butt.”

Roddick came across like an engaging personality during the interview. He says he’d like to get into sports radio after his tennis career, and he proved he is an all-around sports fan. Most importantly, Roddick comes across as a genuine person who is very intelligent. He understands how the media works and his honesty can make him the type of voice people will want to hear. I just don’t understand how he can get along knowing that most men in America are dying for a piece of his wife. That would be difficult for me to digest.

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