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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Kenneth Bone goes viral, becomes internet legend

Ken Bone debate

About 10 minutes into the presidential debate on Sunday night, you may have found yourself wondering, “why am I watching this?” Well, if you stuck with it until the end, your payoff came in the form of one inspiring man.

A man named Kenneth Bone, proudly wearing his finest red church sweater and thick mustache, got to ask his question. Posed as an “undecided voter,” he asked something about energy. But most people were just focused on how legendary he looked.

With the appearance of a dude from the “Guess who?” board game, Bone swiftly took over the internets and stole all the memes.

The jokes came fast and furious:

There were the Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony jokes:

Then the true brilliance of Ken Bone struck its apex with the revelation that the man, straight out of the ’90s, was carrying a disposable camera:

Then, of course, came the fake Twitter accounts:

Ken Bone. Legend.

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