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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Rex Ryan Jokes About Foot Fetish on YES

Like everything else that begins its life in the mainstream media, the Rex Ryan foot fetish talk has died down significantly over the past few months.  While we’re used to Rex Ryan being the fun-loving, joking type of sports personality, he has pleaded the fifth for the most part when asked about his wife’s feet and left the heckling to guys like Wes Welker, Charles Barkley, and Craig Breslow.  Finally, the Rex has spoken.

As the Newark Star-Ledger shared with us, via Ben Maller, Ryan appeared on the YES Network television show CenterStage on Thursday and host Michael Kay accidentally put the big guy on the spot with a foot joke.

“Would you have carved off that pinky toe to win the Patriot game?” Kay asked Ryan in front of a giggling crowd, later adding that he (Kay) “turned red through the make-up” and was “mortified” when he realized he had made a slip-up.

“Oh, there’s so many things I can say,” Ryan responded. “Yes, I would carve off my pinky toe. But not my wife’s”

Good for him.  As much as I hate Rex and his obnoxious annual Super Bowl guarantees, it’s about time he joined the masses in making fun of himself.  After all, the woman is his wife.  If he likes his wife’s feet, so what?  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  To clarify, that doesn’t mean I like feet and I’m going to join Ryan.  I’m saying he should join ’em, not me.

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