Robbie Maddison’s Death-Defying Corinth Canal Jump in Greece

I would start off by telling you that Robbie Maddison is certifiably crazy, but you already knew that. His last two New Years Eve jumps — the most recent at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas — confirmed that. Maddison really took things to new heights on Thursday by attempting his most challenging jump ever. Maddison jumped over the Corinth Canal in Greece and faced a 300 foot fall if he didn’t make it. Here’s the video of Robbie Maddison’s canal jump in Greece:

Maddison wasn’t exactly riding through a motocross course there if you didn’t catch it and that’s what made the jump so challenging. As if leaping across a 279 foot canal isn’t daunting enough, trying to pick up speed while riding through a village and freaking chicken coops is pretty tough. Maddison might die doing these stunts one day but at least he will have left behind quite the legacy.

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  • SpinMax

    Hell, that jump flying around that curve seemed more dangerous for a wreck.