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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

18 percent of sports fans admit to checking scores while on date & other great facts

Motricity commissioned a national survey to find out how sports fans are using their mobile phones. The findings are pretty interesting, and as someone pretty sports-obsessed, I have to admit I pleaded guilty to many of the charges.

Where do you fit in? The results are below:

79% of sports fans have used their device(s) for watching or following sports this past year (guilty)

55% can’t wait for the final score and have tracked game scores using their device(s) (guilty)

87% have given into temptations and checked on a sports during an inappropriate time:

    – 50% have gone to the restroom in order to check the score (guilty)
    – 55% have taken a peek at their device during dinner (guilty)
    – 23% have disregarded pre-show reminders and checked scores while at the movies (not guilty)
    – 1 in 5 (18%) have dared to check scores during a date (guilty)
    – 1 in 7 (14%) have even checked a score while at church (n/a)

While appearing to be sending emails, 42% have actually been checking up on their favorite team while at work

More than a third (32%)are repeat offenders who frequently fake their finger-tapping to check a score

The number one app that sports fans most want, is one that will give them the ability to view the game from an individual player’s helmet (60%)

Nearly as many (58%) want audio feeds from both sidelines to stream through their sports app

Those last two items are things I never considered, but they do sound awesome. I’d definitely be down.

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