LeBron James did not get hair plugs

Sports fans’ collective fascination with LeBron James’ receding hairline took a new turn on Wednesday when a rumor circulated that the Heat star recently got hair plugs. The information came from a few unreliable gossip sites, and it seemed to be based on a few photos of LeBron modeling his new Nike “LeBron Diamond Sportswear” collection.

The photos are pretty convincing.

Below you see a “before” pic on the left, and an “after” pic on the right:

Another photo of LeBron from the Nike shoot shows him with as thick of a head of hair as possible:

Looks incredible, right? LeBron looks like a new man! No need to come on home to join the bald brotherhood!

The only problem is the photos seem to have been digitally altered the way many modeling photos tend to be. Looks like they not only gave LeBron a nice, full hairline, but they also made his skin extraordinarily smooth.

Oh, and one more problem: We dug up a close-up photo of LeBron from the Heat’s first day of practice on Monday, and it shows his hairline is still as thin as ever (see it here).

Unless LeBron got hair plugs after practice on Monday, did a Nike photo shoot at night, and had the photos released on the web Tuesday, then he didn’t get a hair procedure. Don’t believe unsubstantiated reports you read from sketchy sites.

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    No s**t. I’ve been saying this for two days.  Advertisers are anal about male hairlines… they fill it in for Sears catalogs to REI catalogs to just about anything they can get their hands on… and here they did it with LeBron.  On the female side they make 32 year old “super models” look like they’re 23.  It’s called Photoshop.

  • Stan Wu

    I dont get the big deal, if I was going bald I’d get hair plugs too. Why would you need to be embarrassed about that? Who actually wants to be bald? Also, WHO CARES?

  • Artscola

    WTH is wrong with Bron? Spray some black ice on them spots or get plugs or whateva. Wearing a 5 inch head band is just foolish!