Russell Westbrook launches sunglasses line

Russell Westbrook frames

Russell Westbrook got into fashion after entering the NBA and developing into an All-Star, and now he has created his first product line.

Westbrook just launched a sunglasses company called Westbrook frames. The sunglasses are the hip, colorful kind that you typically see him wearing. Each model of sunglasses is named after a city in the Los Angeles area — which is where Russell is from — and the prices seem to range from $95-$145 per pair.

Russell Westbrook sunglasses

You can go to Westbrookframes.com to see the whole collection.

And if anyone from Westbrook Frames is reading this, feel free to send me out a pair of the Palisades in Ocean or Asphalt or the Hawthornes in Sky.

Photo via Instagram/Russell Westbrook

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