49ers Fans Boo the Crap Out of Alex Smith, Chant for David Carr

Alex Smith was awful for the 49ers on Sunday night against the Eagles. In other words, he played like usual. Though San Francisco fans still are holding out hope that their former top overall pick can be the franchise quarterback, I have continuously said that he needs to be replaced. Don’t agree with me? Just ask Michael Crabtree.

Smith’s numbers looked somewhat respectable against the Eagles, but his pick, two sacks, and fumble lost for a touchdown tell more of the story. Smith was chased down and sacked by Brandon Graham in the 4th quarter and Quintin Mikell picked up the loose ball and returned it for a score. Instead of the Niners being down seven and driving, the touchdown changed the game and made it 24-10.

The fans immediately started booing the Niners, and specifically Smith for such a poor play. He lacked total presence on the play, opting to try and throw the ball on the run while he was being chased. The fans really let him have it after the turnover. On San Francisco’s next possession, Smith threw three straight incompletions and was booed after each pass! After the third straight incompletion, the fans started chanting “We Want Carr,” which is a nod to backup quarterback David Carr. Yes, San Francisco is in so much trouble their fans want to replace one bust quarterback for another former number one overall bust.

I don’t care what the numbers say because there’s no way you could possibly convince me that Alex Smith is a decent quarterback. He can’t sustain drives and he turns the ball over way too frequently. If dumb fumbles and costly interceptions are your thing, then you can have him as a quarterback. I’d much rather take someone who instills confidence in the fans and his teammates.

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  • Anonymous

    Larry Brown
    Your an idiot, you failed to mention the TD to Vernon, the scramble, or the fact that Graham was able to get to him because the O LINE collapsed several times throughout the game is what you should be focused on talking about. I dont care if they had Favre in their if hes on his back or being chased down hes not going to win a game. What about the scramble that Crabtree was able to scoop up and make a huge play. I can’t comprehend how an idiot like yourself, was given the opportunity to write on this website your an insult to all Niner fans, your clearly a negative person, I hear Raiders are recruiting numbnuts like yourself. :-)

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Hey, grammatical stud, enjoy Alex Smith and never seeing a little thing called the playoffs.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, my grammar should be the least of your concerns, have you read your own articles. I wasn’t aware one could be hired as a sports writer from a gumball machine. Neither here nor there, I forgot to mention nobody was booing when Davis caught that touchdown from Alex at the end :-)

    P.S. Forgive me if I dont insult you using my objects, prepositions, pronouns, subjects, adjectives, adverbs, determiners, conjunctions, interjections and nouns in the proper place or order. However I promise to make a concerted effort to do so next time I call you out on your lack of knowledge about the sports in general and specifically my 49ers :-)

  • http://twitter.com/IntheOT Chad Margulius

    Hahahah great banter back and forth. Sportstrader you should realize LBS runs his own website. No one hired him for this. Furthermore, he works for Sporting News Radio hosting his own radio program, usually at least 3 hours. Its pretty tough to be a complete idiot and be on a nationally syndicated radio program if you dont know what you are talking about.

    In regards to the whole Smith booing. I was watching at home and heard the boos and the chants for Carr. It was even pointed out by Dave Sims and the boys on the Westwood One Radio feed while driving in my car.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBNOX7C7IMUZ2QGYU4YA6NPO7Y Zach

    Everything will be fine guys, remember last yr when the titans lost their first 7 games and then turned around and won like everyone after? i think we can stop bickering and just have “hope”..thanks

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBNOX7C7IMUZ2QGYU4YA6NPO7Y Zach

    And i agree, larry brown is a dumbass.

  • http://twitter.com/DodgersKings323 Richard Hernandez

    lol “your an idiot” is probably one of my all time favorite lines

  • http://twitter.com/WestLists West List Co.

    I think you’re all morons. But as for Alex Smith – he has been given zero support. How many OFF coordinators has he had? How many head coaches? The Oline is garbage and he still threw for 300 yds.

    How many delay of game pen. have they had because they can’t get the play in on time. HMMM – doesn’t sound like support or the coaches even have a clue.

    I can think of a bunch of teams – Carolina, Bucs, et al. who would take him in a second.

    As for those fans booing a asking for Carr. – Carr was booed out of Texas. 23-56 record as a starter. Dom Capers suffered him for 5 seasons.

    As for the question of Gramm”e”r. No body is a Nobel Laureate on here – yes Larry is an idiot. His retort of the position by questioning someone diction does not refute his argument. Its an attack on the intelligence of someone who visits your forum. IDIOT>Something that Larry is….Just because someone has a high profile position does not certify their intelligence, see Bush, Nixon, Bush, well most republican Presidents.


  • Anonymous

    If you think Larry is the idiot that you say he is why are you going on his website? Doesn’t that make you an idiot? I agree with Larry, Alex Smith is awful and that team is not far from being a playoff team. All they are really missing is a QUARTERBACK. I’m sorry 49er fans but Alex smith is a one of if not the worst quarterbacks in the league.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Ok, Ok, you guys are right. Larry Brown IS a dumbass. I’ll give you that. But Alex Smith still sucks.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3CSZ2JLVEAD5A54ZIM5ESYFCXA Alan

    All of you are idiots Alex Smith is one of the worse QBs. If they are chating David Carr you have to be bad. LBS is right.

  • Anonymous

    Alex Smith was a bust 6yrs ago….enough already with this clown. The 49ers look like a bunch of highschoolers playing football. They need to fire Dingleberry,Smith, and sell the team to a competent owner.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DQEMFCW5ZN6ALRZYKLLRCML2P4 LILIANA V

    Alex Smith sucks big time and I don’t care how the rest of the team performs your QB is the leader on the field..a team doesn’t have a respected leader then the whole thing runs a muck…end of debate.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DQEMFCW5ZN6ALRZYKLLRCML2P4 LILIANA V

    I couldn’t have summarized it better.