Andy Reid Slaps Referee on the Butt Prior to Official Review

Eagles coach Andy Reid sure has been showing his playful side on the sidelines the past few weeks. Two weeks ago, Reid chest bumped with DeSean Jackson following a touchdown for the second time in the season. Last week against the 49ers, Reid gave an opposing player a shoulder shrug. This week, he was busy slapping one of the refs on the butt prior to an official review as a way of saying “Give us a good one!” Check out the screen caps:

andy-reid-ass-slap andy-reid-ass-slap2

So Chad Ochocinco gets fined thousands for trying to slip a ref a dollar bill as a joke and Andy Reid slaps one on the butt to try and get a good call. It worked out for Reid considering the review gave Jeremy Maclin a catch on what turned out to be the game-winning drive for Philly. That throw was one of the best passes Donovan McNabb made in the entire game — it was a laser beam down the left sidelines for Maclin who made a diving catch while falling out of bounds. At 11-4, the Eagles are looking strong but their work is not done considering they play the Cowboys in week 17 with home field advantage in the playoffs on the line. Their six game winning streak should give them plenty of confidence heading into the clash in Arlington.

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  • Furrski

    Really no where near the same. Reid was saying, “Thanks for taking a look, even though a ref was six feet from the call”. The officials could have said “Nope, we had a good eye on that sideline, and our guy saw the play.” The butt slap was a “way to do your job, ref”. Best catch of the year, that Maclin is gonna be a stud.

  • Gene

    It doesn’t work that way. Reid challenged the call on the field and the officials had no choice but to review it. If the play had occurred in the final two minutes, it would have been reviewed upstairs. In either case, the ref has no choice but to review it. Now, what he ultimately decides is an entirely different story, and for that he got a pre-decision pat on the butt.

  • steve

    You both see the same game ?? This play happened with 59 seconds to go in the game coach can not ask for a review only the booth field refs have to take a second look while in touch with the MAN UP STAIRS that is the rule.

  • judd boynton

    It’s called physical contact with an official and Reid should have been disqualified. The NFL is not supposed to judge intent, just contact. He should have been ejected.

  • NCW

    Being that Reid is the worst 4th quarter coach in football, it would only help the Eagles if he was ejected. Seriously though, can you provide proof that a coach is not allowed to touch a ref? I’m not sure the same rules apply.