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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Anonymous Packers player: ‘I think the refs are out to get us this year’

Green Bay entered the season as a heavy favorite in the NFC, but things have not gone as planned. Thanks in part to one of the most controversial endings to a game in NFL history, the Packers find themselves with a 2-3 record and an upcoming road game against the undefeated Texans. A number of things have gone wrong — including some bad luck — but one unnamed player reportedly thinks the officials have it out for the Packers.

“It’s definitely on us as players,” the anonymous player told the Journal Sentinel on Monday. “But I think the refs are out to get us this year.”

Green Bay has ben flagged a ton this season, both by the replacement refs and the regular officials. Everyone not named Golden Tate or Pete Carroll thinks they got screwed in Seattle, but the Packers were also flagged seven times for 43 yards against the Saints and nine times for 89 yards against the Colts — games that were called by regular crews. Bad officiating or a lack of discipline?

As Pro Football Talk pointed out, the regular officials were open in expressing their gratitude toward Aaron Rodgers for being one of the players who took a stance against the league for locking out its refs. To think that the refs are “out to get” any particular team seems a bit far-fetched. Whoever said it is likely just frustrated with the way the early part of the season has gone, which is why they chose to remain anonymous.

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