Antonio Cromartie Has 7 Kids in 5 Different States and it’s a Distraction

So here I thought Travis Henry and his 11 kids by nine women was bad, and now I find out that Chargers CB Antonio Cromartie is hot on his trail. A nice Sunday feature on Cromartie in the San Diego Union-Tribune talks about all the work he’s doing this offseason to try and have a great year on the field. In addition to the hip injury Cromartie played through all last year, we find out that Antonio was distracted by several off-field issues as well.

UPDATE: In this video, Antonio Cromartie has a hard time remembering all eight of his children’s names.

All throughout the organization there were whispers that the then-24-year-old’s head was not right. But sitting down between workouts last week, Cromartie acknowledged a less-than-focused drift through the 2008 season.

“Last year my head wasn’t in there,” Cromartie said. “I was dealing with my kids and their moms. It had my mind somewhere else.”

There are a lot of directions to be pulled when you have seven kids living in five states. Cromartie has been named in at least five paternity suits in the past two years.

Just another reminder when you’re wondering what the heck is up with a player when he’s not performing well that they can be bothered by everyday problems just like us. Divorces, family problems, paternity issues — it all wears on a man! I just hope the former Sporting News magazine cover boy might consider wearing that cup of his every day of the week, not just Sundays.

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  • blunt

    Dumb beyond reason

  • N

    Wear a cup? Those Cromartie boys are hung like horses

  • Josh

    UH, EVERYDAY PROBLEMS JUST LIKE US! I beg to differ. Having 7 kids in 5 states is NOT an EVERYDAY problem. Get real. AND I hear the NFL is going to pay his f’in child support? Talk about unreal. And yet Limbaugh can’t be owner in a team because he speaks his mind…but this guy goes out and father 7 bastard children and it’s so okay that the NFL pays for it.


    I think cups and condoms are way off the mark here…… perhaps more like having him neutered, like the dog that he is.

  • Mike

    It’s not that Cromartie can’t afford lotsa kids. It’s that these are the kind of kids who grow up fatherless and have little direction and discipline. AND LOOK AT THE INNER CITY SCHOOLS! Chaos, disruption, lack of discipline. That’s where many of them are headed. A second generation of blacks passing on a 70% illegitimacy rate and all Cromartie will do is send a check in the mail.

    He should be publicly shamed. Those kids deserve a father and structure in their lives. A good father in the home promotes discipline, can set an example of achievement and lead kids to lead productive and self-supporting lives! You know Bill Cosby and Tyler Perry would agree with me.

    If you don’t agree, take a drive through the streets of Detroit and see what government checks do for families as a substitute for a good father! Misery and dependency–it gets you nowhere in life–but a tragic end!

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    i think cups and condoms are way of the mark here.

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    i think cups and condoms are way of the mark here.