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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Brian Billick Has a Potty Mouth

Here’s the thing: when you work in sports talk radio, you get used to watching out for cuss words on the air. Wouldn’t want to have a complaint go to the FCC, cost your station its broadcasting license, and get fired in the process. Therefore, you’re always looking out for s-bombs, f-bombs, and anything else that could get you in some serious crap with the U.S. gov. Anyways, what amazes me most about instances when people cuss on air, is the amazing naturalness with which they freely cuss. It’s almost as if the caller or interviewee feels they are in their living room having a conversation with some buddies while watching the game — which is almost how it should be.

Well, Awful Announcing — as if a blog by any other name would have come across the audio — has some sound of Ravens coach Brian Billick dropping an S-bomb on a Baltimore radio station. What’s so great about it, is the way he’s so unfazed about the cuss word. He just continues right along, as if nothings happened, finishing his point. It’s great. Skip ahead to around the 5-minute mark for the fun.

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