Broncos Fans Launch Start Tim Tebow Petition ‘Unleash the Tebow’

They say the most popular sports figure in a city is often the backup quarterback. That’s even more the case when your second string QB is Tim Tebow, a first-round pick out of Florida who was one of the most popular college players of all time.

Tebow has served as the backup quarterback for the Broncos but he’s only attempted one pass all season. Kyle Orton has started all 13 of Denver’s games, completing 58% of his passes for 3,653 yards, 20 touchdowns and nine interceptions. The numbers look pretty but the team’s win-loss total doesn’t; Denver is 3-10 and has lost three in a row. They’ve already fired their coach and the season is already over so the fans are demanding a change.

As I found out from Josina Anderson, fans have launched an “Unleash the Tebow” petition to persuade the Broncos to start Tim Tebow at quarterback. Here’s the stated objective of the petition:

This is a petition to show the Denver Broncos front office and coaching staff that the fans want to see Tim Tebow behind center for the rest of the season. What does the team have to lose by finding out what it’s got in its first-round quarterback? The Broncos have been embarrassed enough this season, it can’t get any worse. This move would excite the fan base, as well as give future Head Coach candidates a look at their possible starting QB next year. And if the Broncos have no interest in keeping Tebow, they should find a way to let him produce the best film he can for other teams.

It was only a matter of time before a major fan movement was launched, but how will the Broncos’ front office respond? It’s not as if the offense has been dreadful, but they haven’t been consistent enough to win many games. As for the part in the petition stating they should give Tebow a chance to produce the best film possible? Maybe that’s the reason they don’t want him starting. Scary thought.

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  • http://twitter.com/IntheOT Chad Margulius

    This nauseates me. Orton is the furthest thing from the problem with this Broncos team. If anything he’s the best part of the team They should be concerned about the D and O line helping the run game. I cant stand the hype for Tebow just because he’s a “good” guy.

  • Anonymous

    Tebow is a good guy and believe it or not, that is not a bad thing. However the push for him to play some is not based on him being a good guy. Its because he has been great wherever he has played and has been a winner(not always the same thing) also. Also the broncos have been the opposite of great this year and have done exceptionally poor the last few games. Generally when things are going wrong you make some changes.(You do know the one of the definitions of insanity: doing things the same way and expecting different results) The qb position is the most important and the broncos did draft Tebow in the1st rd. So us fans want to see if that was wise or not.(I believe it was).

  • Anonymous

    Tebow is a good guy and actually that is not a bad thing. However that is not why we fans of Tbow want him to have a chance at playing. Its because wherever he has played he has been great and a winner.(not always the same thing) Also the bronco`s have been the opposite of great this yr. and the last few games have been horrible. When things are not going good you generally need to make changes(you do know one of the def. of insanity-doing things the same way and expecting different results) and since the qb spot is the most important and Tbow is a 1st. rd. draft, we fans want to know if that was wise or not.(I believe it was). Apparently I`m not the only fan who wants to see Tebow.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ON2Q3PFLNA6D7X45KFWMIQOTVY Eric Z

    I agree 100%. This is Kyle’s first losing season as a QB and he was battling for most passing yards until the past couple of weeks. He played well enough to earn a 1 year extension?! What?! The writing was on the wall that he would be making an exit soon. But, a new coach may have another plan.

    I’m sure Tebow wants to play to have a better shot at camp next year and it looks like Orton may give him the opportunity with this “sore arm” nonsense. Kyle certainly showcased his skills for other teams and they will certainly come knocking if the Broncos choose to rebuild the team with Tebow. Seattle? Miami? Arizona?