Colin Kaepernick has a huge pet tortoise named Sammy (Picture)

Colin Kaepernick has one of the most unique pets you will ever see. If you ask me, the thing is awesome. While most people who want an enormous pet might convince their parents to buy them a Great Dane or a St. Bernard, Colin talked his parents into letting him get a tortoise when he was 10 years old. He named it Sammy.

As we learned in this story about Kaepernick last year, Sammy fit into the palm of Kaepernick’s hand when he first got him. Rick and Teresa Kaepernick, Colin’s parents, probably thought the thing would stay in a tank in Colin’s room, but Sammy grew into a lovable 115-pound reptile. Here is another photo of the turtle that Rick Kaepernick shared on Twitter:

Now that’s what I call a man’s best friend. As far as we know, Sammy isn’t dangerous like this reptile or others of its kind. On the contrary, Sammy seems like a boss.

Blurry photo via Colin Kaepernick’s Instagram account
H/T Buzzfeed

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  • DALE

    what kind of tortoise is it?? a russian tortoise? sulcata? CMON REPORT SOMETHING

  • http://www.facebook.com/donnamanning Donna Manning

    He is an African Spurred Tortoise (I have one too).  They are awesome!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KNN73NMGF67QHNZXZGMKXCGYME The Forestgirl

    Geochelone sulcata, indeed an African Spurred Tortoise – and not a ‘turtle’