Danny Amendola may have suffered concussion on hit to head

Danny Amendola head injuryDanny Amendola was knocked out of Sunday’s New England Patriots-New Orleans Saints game after taking a hit to the head in the third quarter. Amendola caught a pass and was running toward the sideline, but instead of heading out of bounds, he leaned in for contact and was drilled.

Amendola looked woozy and had to be helped as he walked along the sidelines. He appeared to be showing obvious concussion signs. The team announced that he was out for the rest of the game with a head injury.

You can see another angle of the hit below:

GIFs via GIFD Sports, CJ Zero

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  • Derek Allen

    Writers and commentators are ALL so quick to say someone was hit in the head. He did NOT get hit in the head. They have to change this rule and take INTENT into account. INTENT has to be a large part of this rule. The game is being ruined. Guys are making a 97% effort to use the shoulder and sometimes there is incidental contact…glancing contact with the head. Because the head is attached to the shoulders…sometimes INCIDENTAL contact just can’t be helped. GODDELL IS RUINING THE GAME…and writers like this are helping the cause!!!

  • SrSunshineSmile

    GODDELL IS NOT RUINING THE GAME… He might have “god” in his name, but he is not the only [ONE] person that is responsible in instituting the new rules to make the game safer for ALL players! The calls are not going to be 100% correct all the time because when you play the game at regular speed, it’s not easy to identify the nature of the hit as if you are watching an instant replay. I agree with you that the hit was not intentional, but when a ref sees helmet to helmet and the player is knocked out, and he only has a second or two to throw that flag, it will come out!!! On another note, The sign-ups for little leagues are down in the past couple of years because a lot of parents are concerned about the safety of the game and their kids well-being. The culture of the game needs to be changed and take out that gladiator mentality out of the game. We can still keep it exciting and interesting without unnecessary and avoidable risks.

  • CD

    He was out before he hit the ground. But, should (25) Bush aim for his knees like Matt Elam did Randall Cobb? Before long they will be playing touch, that will be fun to watch; NOT!

  • Jen Furioli Aldrich

    Wonder how much Bush made for that hit?!?! Bountygate 2013.