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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Darrelle Revis: Rex Ryan Didn’t Know the Depths of Jets’ Locker Room Problems

Rex Ryan is a players’ coach. He stands up for his guys to the media, makes predictions based on his belief in their abilities, and doesn’t call them out publicly. You would think a guy who is so close to his players would also be in tune with the locker room, but that’s not the case.

“He didn’t know a lot of things that were going on behind the scenes,” All-Pro cornerback Darrell Revis told NFL Network Thursday. “It was just so much stuff. I’m really not going to get into it because some of the stuff is real deep. But he didn’t know a lot of the things. He wanted people to say things to him. But obviously it didn’t come out. It came out on the field (late in the season).”

Revis admitted early in the season that there was some finger-pointing going on in the locker room, but he felt it was something they could overcome. That turned out to be incorrect.

“There was a lot of stuff going on… behind the scenes that I figured we would have (fixed) it (at the time),” he said. “Then everything would have been cool and we could have moved on. Obviously we didn’t. The season kind of spiraled late during the season.”

The question is if the Jets were losing because of their chemistry issues, or if they developed chemistry issues because they were losing. They may have some selfish players like Santonio Holmes, but I’ve always felt winning cures most problems.

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